If You Become Blank On The Stage Accept It.

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How To Handle When You Have Become Blank On The Stage?

Very good point. First, you should not become blank on the stage. If you use the techniques, should matter technique, you will not become blank on the stage. But in case still, if you become blank on the stage, still if you are completely blank, accept it.

Sometimes I’ve seen people are speaking, the mic is not working and they know the mic is not working still, they’re holding the mic. Slide changer is not working. They know the slide changer is not working and still they trying again. What’s the problem? Tell the audience hey I think I have spoiled the slide changer. Organizer, hey, can you just check this mic and a slide changer?

If you are going blank, completely blank, accept it. Give me a moment. I’ve just lost the track of my thoughts. Give me a moment. I’ll come back, accept it. At least accept it in your mind first that you are blank. Don’t get scared. Why do you have fear of people, what they will do, do not worry about people, they will feel.

The mockery is this, you will really make a mockery of yourself when you are going blank on the stage and you are pretending that you’re not blank. You are pretending that you have not forgotten. That’s the mockery. If you have accepted it, the audience will say so absolutely okay. We all are human beings. We all go blank. No problem. Take your time. Come on the stage. Come back again on your thoughts. Accept it.

Sometimes we have content, but how to make it interesting for listeners?

The easiest way to make your content interesting is to add stories in it. When I say stories, personal life experience. When I say personal life experience, structured content, 3S method. Practice message challenge, communication league, you practice just that only.

By the way, I must tell you, in Speak and Grow community when you will meet me, I’m the last person on the planet to give you sugar-coated feedback.

You will understand this, people want freedom program trainers, lots of members, the 6000 plus members, few people nominate themselves at a freedom training program. Few people take action because even to enter there, you have to participate in communication league. It will take some efforts.

Now, few people said that the member said that no freedom programs should be live or the recording of the freedom program should be given to everyone. They’re fighting for it. I’m fighting for it. I said, no, I will not give a recording.

Why? Understand, because what is the objective of freedom program? Freedom program I want one trainer should do same content, same training again and again so that person can improve the skill. That is the objective of freedom training program, also should improve the skill? Right? If the training recording is available to everyone, what is the motivation for the trainer to do again?

So I fight with my members because, see, I will do within my capacity or you convince me. So there is if you come to Speak and Grow, there is a communication league in that there is perspective challenge. Shall we give recording or not? I shared my perspective. You convince me then. I’m ready to change my belief. Share your perspective. Why you should give the recording? We have fun there. There is hard work there. You have to.


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