If You Get Only Negative Comments, Improve Yourself

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

How To Maintain Flow?

Once you attend my video learning, in this case if you are part of the Speak and Grow community once you attend a video workshop, in video workshop, I explain a container theory. That theory will help you to manage how to manage flow.

But in case you are not a Speak and Grow member, the communication flow has to be like a river. What do you mean by that? You always have to move forward. Do not take people backward in your communication, back and forth. It has to flow like a river.

 That is a very deep subject on how to maintain the flow.

What If You Only Got Negative Comments?

If you get only negative comments, improve Sir.

 Every time when I ask, whether they’re liking me or not liking me. If not only 10% people say we are liking you and 90% not then you have to improve. If you’re expecting a 100% people will say, right now there are a few people not liking me.

So you’re expecting a 100% people will like you, that’s not possible. It’s an unfair expectation. 4% to 5% people, even up to 10% is absolutely okay.


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