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How To Conquer Fear Of Failure?

I might not be liked by people. See, let me add, I will not take that poll again. Even in this live webinar, when I took that poll so many people, how many, three to 4% people said, Praveen, no, we didn’t like you. Said, right? So, understand this, except this. Even if God comes on the earth one day, and if you do a poll, even there will be a small percentage of people they will say, no, no, no, no, no. I think it’s not, the way I thought he or she is not looking like that. Now that percentage is very small. The moment if you are very confident with your content. What is mean confidence with the content? Speak with honesty. Whatever you have in your heart, speak out. Whatever you have learned, teach that only unless and until whatever you have learned, and you have not got benefit from that learning, if you have not got benefits from that learning do not teach. I teach people how to speak only because I’m getting benefits. I teach people how to start e-learning business because I make millions of rupees. I’m getting benefits. That’s the reason I’m teaching. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re honest with your content, except this fact that yes, there will be few people, they will not like but if you are worried about that 1%, 2% people don’t you feel that you are doing injustice with this 98% people who liked you. Respect those 98% people.

How To Learn Good Language Accent?

I don’t understand the word accent. I, it’s beyond man. I got many comments, many comments on my social media video. You are speaking in fake accent. I have never understood this. I said, what do you mean by that? What is what is what is fake accent? See, I understand when I became a student of public speaking, I started following Dananjaya Hettiarachchi. Taranja Hitarachchi is a world champion of public speaking. I’ve watched his talk, I see something for more than a hundred times. When you watch something so many times automatically you absorbed that. So, when I started speaking, people started saying, Hey, you’re copying Dananjaya Hettiarachchi. I said, really, thank you. I will take that as a compliment. At least I’m coping someone, someone good. So suddenly my accent was like the Dananjaya Hettiarachchi.Then when I started doing Vipassana, so I started watching Goenka, Goenka, Achare Goenka. If you’ve heard about Vipassana, Achare Goenka he has played a vital role in bringing this meditation technique back to India. So, when I started watching Achare Goenka I started following. So, my accent started like Achare Goenka. So when you start, when you get influenced by people automatically, what is called fake accent, there’s nothing called fake accent. It’s yours only. So I don’t understand. Don’t worry about your accent, worry about your thoughts, ideas, values towards what you’re speaking. Should be worried about that, not about accent. There’s nothing call accent.

Suggest Some Of The Books To Read And Learn Public Speaking?

Very good question. I know many times I get this question and that’s the reason always keep this book very next to me. This is the best book you should read to improve your public speaking skills. This is not the book on public speaking. The name of this book is called “Die Empty” in the middle. When I was sharing that, why I’m just giving this offer 299 is called ‘Die Empty” also. What do you mean by die empty? Take everything boss. That millions of people were sleeping and not getting up early next day. Take everything, whatever I have. I’m giving everything to you. Why you should read this book? There is one para in this book where someone asked the author, which is the richest land on the planet. So when I was the author, which is the richest land on the planet? And then people said, well, even before the author answered, someone said, New York, someone said, California. Someone said Dubai. And the author said, no. The richest land on the planet is graveyard where everybody is, or when you put dead bodies. And people said why? He said, because there are millions and billions people when they’re alive and they’re breathing, they have so many ideas, thought, suggestions, feedback, stories but they don’t share. They don’t share and along with all they go under the ground. Ladies and gentlemen, those people who do not speak or those people who do not understand the importance of speaking. Speak and grow member, they understand this. But those who do not understand, you’re actually leaving this planet by not giving something, which you can ideally should give to the world your ideas, values, and thoughts. So read this book. This is one of the best books I have read many, but this is one of the best. “Die Empty”.

Is It Necessary To Move On The Stage?

I told you, it is not necessary to move on the stage. When Steve Jobs gave that best speech of Kupna his commencement speech in Stanford in 2005. Speak and grow community members, when you go in teachable, there is one course speech, break down. Speech break down. What I do in this course, one of the best speeches, I listen and break down. How I do that? Just like this, I start, I learn, stop, I share my learning so we all can learn from best speeches. In that I have given the speech breakdown of Steve Jobs 2005 commencement speech. Whether he was moving on the stage, he was not moving on the stage, he was standing still. So, it’s not about moving on the stage. It is not compulsory but even if you are moving on the stage, don’t move like a tiger in the cage. From here to there, here to there, here to there. That is called psychosis under stress. They move on the stage only because they’re under stress. Have you seen tiger moving on the stage or in jungle? There are two trees and Tiger is moving from this, never. Tiger move like a tiger, stop, move, stop, move, stop move. So, move like a jungle tiger if you want to move on the stage.

How To Become Fluent In Speaking?

Very good question. Very good question. Many people, they believe in this and very wrong beliefs, very wrong belief that if you are good in English, you can be good in speaking. Then again, there are so many English countries, why they are not good in public speaking. It’s not about the language. Speaking fluently is about fluency in thoughts not fluency in language. Language, just the way he called to deliver the thought. Do this exercise. Sometimes you might have observed this and it happens in India, maybe in some other countries, but in that happens, I’ve seen this very frequently. Two people meet and they start the conversation in English and both are not very comfortable in English but no one will change the language. No one will change the language because the moment, if I start in Hindi or English or in my deal other language, it means, I don’t know this language. They take this on their pride if they speak another language, that’s understanding, we have. Bizarre understanding, we have towards this language which is given, which is not even a language of this country, which is given by British people to us.

So, if you are in that kind of situation, that you are uncomfortable in speaking in English because you have a thought in your mind, change the language, come to your local language. You’ll observe this. You are still uncomfortable in sharing that part. You’re still uncomfortable. Many times when we are not able to speak fluently, it’s not the language is the thoughts are not clear in our mind. The clarity of thought the techniques is not contained. At the start of the workshop when I tell you that, just let’s say example, you’re going for an interview, when I say interview, not necessarily initial or first level interview or CEO interview also or you’re going for an interview and the interview is asking this very common question. So what are your current roles and responsibilities? Very simple question. What are your current roles and responsibilities? Now you start, my current role is for this, that, this, that, this, that, this, that, this that. See if you applied this technique. I have three current roles and responsibilities. Let me share one by one ABC. The moment you said this, it was very clear in the interviewer’s mind. Okay. He’s going to talk about three current responsibilities, or if you want to really make it more spicy, I have three current responsibility. The third one is the most important one. Okay. So he’s listening to you. Otherwise, if he does start my current responsibility, this, that, this, that, this, that, this, that I must tell you in the middle of the conversation. Okay. Let me ask you the next question. You stop. That’s called clarity of thoughts, how you make the other person clear what you’re going to speak. It’s all techniques and the terms we have to learn.


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