In Public Speaking, SPEAK With –> Public

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 2 comments

One of the key realizations in public speaking, which might sound very simple is that every time you stand in front of people, in front of public to speak, you have to speak with public.

Even if you’re standing in front of camera, even if you’re going live, you have to speak with public and you can speak with public only, only when you’re not speaking with yourself.

What do you mean by that? Sometimes when we are standing in front of public, we speak with our own selves also.

We have questions like, whatever I’m saying,

are they liking or not liking?

Am I looking good or not?

I’m live right now is my background okay or not okay?

So, when you are speaking too much like this, then that’s not public speaking that’s self-talk.

So next time when you are speaking in front of public, speak with public.

What I used to do when I used to do live webinars, sometimes just next to my lens, I used to keep a Smiley.

Then I used to practice it.

Okay, I’m speaking with smiley and I’m speaking with someone there. I cannot see it’s a virtual event. This smiley used to symbolize or Smiley was the reflection or representation of people and I was to speak with Smiley.

Now, next time when you’re going live or next time, you’re making videos or next time, you’re actually speaking in front of physical audience, make sure understand the simple thing in is public speaking.

That –> you have to speak with public.


  1. Utpal Datta

    such tips comes out from deep understanding and realization only.

  2. Unnikrishnan

    That’s what makes Pravin a great trainer. A trainer who call himself a student. A trainer who love to see some one learn and excel. A soul that is brave and kind enough to share all he discovers. I am blessed to have found him.


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