Indian vs International Trainers

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I learned this perspective from one trainer he’s from New Zealand and I completely agree with his perspective and I would love to know whether you agree or disagree with this.

I met him in one international training conference in Dubai, and we’re enjoying food during that lunch. And suddenly in the middle of the discussion, he said Praveen “You know what? The quality of trainers from countries like New Zealand, Australia is very high, very good quality compared to quality of trainers in India”.

And I said, okay, why are you saying this? Why you think like this?

And he shared his perspective.

He said, Praveen understand Australia, New Zealand or countries like this. It’s a very small country. We are very few people. And especially in the light of the fact, now people are using social media to reach. Now, if there are very few people in that country, very obviously we can reach faster and we get saturated faster.

What Is The Product – Knowledge, Wisdom & Content

Now, New Zealand, if I start doing Facebook campaign and YouTube campaign and start investing on social media is matter of few days and few months, I can reach maximum number of people because the countries are very small.

Because we get saturate very fast because people get exposure to our content, our knowledge, because for any trainer, what is the product knowledge, wisdom, content. Because it gets saturate very fast it’s our responsibility to keep on adding, make it more, better and better because that’s the requirement. That’s a demand. Otherwise, we cannot survive.

But on other hand, if you see in India, it’s a very big country and the 1.3 billion people now you will take years to achieve that saturation, that you have huge number of people.

Now there’s a flip side to it, he said Praveen. And I said, what is the flip side?

Now because the huge number of people, the demand is very high, every trainer you will find when they market themselves, will get students. They will get students because numbers are huge there. And because they get students frequently, most of the time they see people coming to their live webinars or people attending their workshops, most of the time, if they get students, this start feeling like this, that, Hey, I’m good. That’s the reason I’m getting students. That’s the reason I’m getting students. I’m doing this for the last so many years. I’m getting students because I’m very good. I’m a good trainer.

But in that there, of course there’s some good trainers, but we have to consider this factor also, especially if you’re training in India, that maybe you are getting because you are in India, because numbers are very huge.

And there are some trainers if you’ll strongly believe in this, that I’m very good. I’m too good, I’m the best and because of that, people are coming, if you start developing that belief, then we stop learning. We stop learning because we think we are going to neglect them we are good. We stop learning.

And he said, because there are few trainers in India because of this kind of illusion, they stop learning and that’s the reason, the quality of few trainers in India is not good compared to those trainers who are in smaller countries.

And I said, yes, that’s a good perspective. I agree with this perspective,

What is your view? What is your perspective? What do you feel?

Share your perspective.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out. Until we meet again.


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