Interaction With Dr.Saroj – Why You Should Share?

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Praveen Wadalkar: I met someone that day. He is 50-55, he is an entrepreneur running a company of around 200 to 300 cr IT company, four-generation entrepreneur.

And he said Praveen I’m getting sad in my life nowadays. And the sadness is growing every day. Every day is growing. I said, why? He said, Praveen because I have acquired a huge amount of knowledge in my life.

Building a company from zero and reaching 300 Cr, means must have acquired knowledge and experience and he said now I am 55 and that knowledge has become a burden for me now.

Contributing To People’s Life

That experience has become a burden for me and this feeling that I am not able to share. I am not sharing with the world and this feeling that one day I have to leave this planet.

Somewhere I’m feeling that I’m not doing justice with my experience. I’m not just doing justice with my knowledge.

What do you feel about this feeling? I’ve seen this feeling with many people, what do you feel about it? What’s your view about this feeling ma’am?

Dr. Saroj: Initially, Sir, everybody struggles in their life. And when they reach some peak, and they have done with their satisfaction, and to their honesty, whatever they did, they eventually acquired the financial satisfaction is of course there, but if they have happiness, and their own satisfaction, they in return, want to contribute back to the society.

So you know, if they keep everything to them, they naturally as you said that, that becomes a burden, and they want to share it eventually. And that’s how you that the happiness you get from sharing is quite different from acquiring, and then you just want to share your money. That’s different.

Sharing Happiness

Dr. Saroj: But you just want to share your happiness, whatever you money you want to share with happiness, with your entirely different satisfaction.

Praveen Wadalkar: What do you mean by sharing happiness?

Dr. Saroj: It happiness, they want to, you know, do something for the community. It’s not just they want to show off and they want to donate and all the organization but they are doing it out of concern, out of their love.

Making Difference

Dr. Saroj: They want to do something for their society, not only the finances, but what knowledge they have, they want to contribute. So that contribution is different than just donating and acquiring things.

Praveen Wadalkar: So you’re saying that giving money is one way of contributing. But giving knowledge is another way of contributing. And no matter how much money you give, because money is still an artificial man-made piece of paper, you still not feel the burden of it, or the weight of it, or the feeling of it when you’re sleeping or when you’re alone is there in your bank, you don’t hold on your head.

Praveen Wadalkar: But all it is something which is that in your mind, you’re holding in your head. And if you are not sharing and especially if because of that knowledge, if you have acquired happiness, or if you have got happiness if you have God satisfaction, and then if you’re a good soul, and if you’re a good person and world is full of good people, a world full of good souls.

Praveen Wadalkar: And if once they realize this, that hey, oh my god, this knowledge, which has changed my life, I’m not sharing with the world. And I don’t know the system. I don’t know the processes. I don’t know the techniques. I don’t know the methods. The world is busy. I can’t just shout come, listen to me. I can’t do that.

My inability to share my knowledge, which is worth sharing with the world, is a reason for sadness for many people ma’am.

Dr. Saroj: Yes. True.

Praveen Wadalkar: And I think that’s the reason doesn’t matter. What is your age? It is so important to open our eyes and accept this, that we are so fortunate that we have the technology today.

Which is the solution of this that I can share with the world. I can share my knowledge with you


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