Is Body Language Equally Important In Virtual Meetings

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Public Speaking | 2 comments

Are you meeting your bosses or colleagues or team members virtually nowadays, maybe on zoom maybe on some other internal platforms?

Sometimes people believe that Praveen because I’m meeting virtually there is no rule of body language.

What do I mean by that? There’s no role of body language.

It means they can’t even see my body Praveen, even if it is visible only half bodies visible not even the full body, what is the role of body language?

Let me give a few examples and that will help you to understand whether it is really important or not body language.

What is body language?

Body speaks, whether you like it or not like it my body is speaking right now.

What do you mean a body speaks? Imagine for a moment that you are on the platform which has gone off from the train, and you are on the platform, and suddenly you realize that, hey, I don’t have a ticket in my pocket and you see a TC standing in front of you.

Now the way you will move, I must tell you, your body will speak.

Why the chances of you getting caught by TC is much higher when you don’t have a ticket in your pocket because your body is speaking, your eyes are speaking, your walk is speaking.

The Biggest Crime I Can Do In Training Is That I Am Diverting My Mind From The Content.

Sometimes we pretend that you’re on foot, everybody speaks.

Now, when we are in front of people also doesn’t matter whether you’re standing in front of live audience physically, or virtually, your body speaks.

But when we are speaking, we have a message. Imagine when you’re speaking with your boss, you have something to inform him or you have a message you want to speak something. Or as a boss, when you’re speaking with your colleagues, you have to give a message right?

Now your body also speaking, body speaks your body also speaking and you also speaking, and in case, if these two are not syncing with each other.

Example; I don’t know whether you have attended live webinars or not, especially nowadays, many trainers are doing live webinars just critically observe sometimes, many trainers have a habit of continuously looking down,  they look down like this continuously, continuously, and suddenly, sometimes after looking down, the expression changes, they feel a little happy or sometimes they get a little nervous.


Because there’s a chat pop up down. Imagine if you’re doing on zoom, there’s a chat pop up, and if you are making hundreds of people, thousands of people, we meet sometimes thousands of people. And if someone’s writing very good, very good. Someone’s writing bad.

So, what is this, it’s very visible. You can easily make out that the person is looking down and reacting like this, and sometimes it affects very badly, very badly even I did that.

Nowadays, I never do this but even I did that when I started training people initially. I also used to keep my eyes on the chat.

And then I realized that the biggest crime I can do in training is this that I am diverting my mind from the content.

So, my intention there is not to gain praise, right?

We have a certain another way also expressing okay, we can write all those. 

I can always analyze whatever you are writing afterwards but at that point of time in your life, the biggest crime I will do is not focus on the content and focus on something else.

Even if that something else is very nice, very good, still not.

But my body speaks. If I’m doing this, sometimes people do not have a habit of looking into the lens, and the look here and then speak. So, you’re either speaking, you’re looking here and there.

It’s like you’re meeting someone, there’s a huge difference when you look into the eyes of that person and speak and look here and then and speak.

So, whether it’s virtual meeting, whether it’s physical one to one, meeting one to one, one to many meetings, the body speaks, even if you’re just showing your half body when your hands are not visible, still your eyes will speak, your face will speak. We could not stop that.

Now you will say Praveen then how to have a very good body language?

What Do You Mean By Speaking Natural?

Very simple, the best way of speaking is this Speak natural.

What do I mean by speaking natural?

This is how I speak.

Imagine if you’re meeting your boss just at coffee shop, or maybe a colleague at coffee shop, the way you’re speaking at that point of time, just speak like that.

Now you’ll say Praveen, it’s easy to say, difficult to implement.

No, it’s easy to implement also, moment you learn how to speak effectively.

What do you mean by speaking effectively?

Speaking effectively is nothing but organizing your content, your message, you have a message, right?

So, you have a message so you organised your message inside your brain with the help of various examples or stories or some anecdotes, so you pick maybe few stories and adored examples, organize all that content, and then deliver it very effectively.

What do you mean by effectively?

Within the time, this is the message, I want to give only this message. For this message, I have chosen this example or this code or this number. Very effectively, in the time given time without worried about anything else, you focus only on that message. That’s a skill.

That’s a skill that you have to learn, practice and implement. The moment you become champion in that skill then you don’t have to worry about your body language.


Because your body will sync, body will support your message.

What do you mean by should not be worried? It means you don’t have to worry about my hands are doing, my legs are doing, my eyes are doing.

It will automatically get sync but the moment if you are not confident about your message, then the body doesn’t get sync then your body is speaking something else and you’re speaking something else and there is a conflict.

That’s the reason ladies and gentlemen, in case if you’re thinking no Praveen, in virtual meeting body language is not important, reconsider this.

This has been Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


  1. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  2. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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