Is Corruption So Deeply Rooted In Our Society Or The Problem Is Something Else

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I’d like to share this incident with you, which will help you to understand that how corruption is deeply rooted in our society.

This happened just few months ago, and I was sitting in my cabin and my HR came, she said, Praveen, there is a problem.

I said, what happened?

She said early in the morning when you are out for a client meeting, one official visit was there from some government department and they came to inspect offices.

I said, they came to inspect only our office or all the offices of this building and she said, No, they came to inspect all the offices, they were visiting all the offices,

I said, Okay.

Then she said, Praveen, there are three problems they found after inspection.

I said, Really? Sit down, tell me one by one.

She said, the first problem is this, even before they entered, they saw the board of this office, and they said that on this board, the name of the company has to be in Marathi and for a moment, I thought, yes, we know that that’s a rule. So, we have written in the Marathi. It’s there on the board.

And she said, no Praveen, that’s not the problem. The problem is that the size of that Marathi font has to be bigger than English.

I said, sound like that, and she said, no Praveen, English is bigger than Marathi.

I said that’s a problem. That’s a mistake is like, all those people who have decided this, even in the city where half the people are from outside, not from our roster, still, they want us to keep that bigger. There might be some genuine reason. We have to correct it. That’s a problem, we have to follow that law. So, correct it I said done.

Tell me the second one. She said Praveen, the second one is, the person said there is a complaint against this office against this company.

I said, you’re saying that someone has complained against us. So, my question is Where?

And she said I even asked that question where and he said that we cannot reveal that were.

Complaint where, it’s like, there’s an RTF file, there’s a police complaint file, where? So that didn’t, but there’s a complaint against this.

I said, Okay, I accept that. What is that complaint? And she said the complaint is this, that on the day of the election, people came for work.

I said, wait a minute, on day of election, we announced holiday?

And she said yes. Praveen, we announced a holiday, and then what’s the problem?

So, they checked the biometrics log, and they found that the people came on that day.

There are some, I would say, people in office, they feel that an on early in the morning, if they have already voted, done that responsibility, and if they have time, even though it’s holiday, they can go instead of going home, and not doing something else, let’s go to office and work. We have some people like this in Techizer that let’s go and work. So, they came and they punched now, but that’s a complaint.

What Is The Policy?

Did someone complain that we forced people?

I said how many people came they said hardly 10 to 15 people came. And I asked her, “did you force?” and she said no but who complained but she said they don’t reveal that who complained, where is the complaint? But there’s a complaint? I said, that’s a problem. Okay, we’ll see. We’ll look towards it.

I said third one, and third problem is this when in that conversation when Hr. said I was sitting with that person. That person asked me, how many washrooms are there in this office?

We said, we have two washrooms. He asked me, do you have separate washrooms for male and female?

She said, yes, we have separate washroom for male and female.

And then he asked me one more question, and you’ll have an answer to that question.

And the question was, how do you ensure that males are not going in female’s washroom, and females are not going in male’s washroom?

I said, what is the policy?

And she’s as for the policy, we are not allowed to go.

But how do we ensure that? How are we ensuring that, how are we monitoring that?

So, shall we keep cameras? No, that’s not fair. That’s not.

So that’s a problem, how to solve that problem I said.

But she said Praveen, these are the three problems they have identified.

But the problem is that they want to meet you. They are asking you to come and meet.

I said, Okay.

Let’s take this seriously. I think first thing is that I need to understand when they visited other offices, even the neighbor office, they have asked that person also to meet or only to me, and she said Praveen I did that.

I asked someone to go and check. They are not asking that person or that particular office person to come and meet because they settle there only. As for doing my setup, so they said in that discussion what happened towards the end of the discussion, they calculated something on the calculator and turn the calculator towards that person and that person reacted to that calculator, turn back, and then their certain there only on the calculator only provides all numbers.

I said we don’t do that. And you said Praveen we don’t do that at the Techizer, right?

We don’t settle like this into Techizer. I said, Yeah, we don’t do that.

We Have To Work Within The Framework Of Society

I said, Okay, I understand the problem is that we have to work within the framework of society. So, we have agent for this, you know that or give entire thing to that agent, and explain everything the way you have explained me, and then that agent will take it further from there. So, she explained everything.

And suddenly after a few days, that agent called me and said, Praveen, I’m handling your case, I know that official very well, we are good friends. And we can settle this very easily.

I said, yes, thank you very much for your help. If you need all the documents, whether we have changed the board or not, or whether we have no cameras outside to monitor whether people are going or not or even the biometrics and explaining that those people who have come why they have come. We have all the proper documents ready, along with every explanation, and we can meet no problem.

Is it a problem along with that 20,000 rupees?

I said, Yeah, that’s absolutely okay.

If you think that if I breach these three laws, and if as per the law the fine is 20,000 rupees,

in addition of all these three, I am ready to pay to that also. So, tell me, what is the fine if I have the font size of English, bigger than my Marathi? What is the fine if maybe 10 to 15% people are coming to my office on the day of election? And what is the fine where I do not have a monitoring mechanism where I can ensure male are going in male washroom and females are going in female washroom, what is the monitoring mechanism?

I ask what is the fine, tell me. If the fine is 20,000 rupees, I’m ready to pay. I’ll come with 20,000 rupees,

He said no, no, no, no, Praveen, that is not the fine. So, you understand Praveen. And he was so open about it. I had the recording of the audio by the way, he was so open about that Praveen, you understand what I am saying?

I said okay, I’m ready to meet no problem. Let’s meet. And we decided at one point, and we reached there. And the first question he asked me that, not whether I have the documents or not because my team prepares all the documents.

Raising Awareness About Law, What Are The Laws You Should Follow?

The first question he asked me, are you carrying the cash?

I said we’ll talk about it, let’s go and let’s meet the person. So, I went to that department, big department, I saw that person. I sat down in front of him and the way he was speaking as if he said Praveen you know we are going meeting various offices visiting various offices, so, much of hard work, explaining them raising awareness about law, what are the laws you should follow?

I said thank you very much for doing all that. So, thank you very much.

And then I heard him and then after listening to his perspective, which was a very strong perspective, a mature perspective.

I said sir, I understand there are certain mistakes which we have done, accepted and I am ready to rectify them. In fact, we have rectified those mistakes, but the service sitting next to me, my agent and he said we have to pay some 20,000 rupees, I have only two questions for you.

Question number one, what if I pay and what if I do not pay?

What if I pay?

So, are you going to say that if I pay then I am I have the liberty of breaching all the laws? Are you saying that if I pay that 20,000 rupees because I am sure that it’s 20,000 rupees not towards this, it’s towards that okay you have been taken care or

if I do not pay it means I’m expecting you to come to my office again and again and tell us, again and again, small things which we are not following as per the law.

So, what will happen and he was not saying anything that I said okay sir.

I Love To Share My Learnings With The World

You take a decision. You take a decision, but one thing which I would like to share with you. I love to share my learnings with the world; whatever I will learn, I want to do business. I don’t want to invest my time like this. I want to do business. Whatever I will learn from this, I will share with the world the way I’ve shared with you right now.

So, whether I pay us don’t pay, I will share with the world, share the learnings with the world, and the moment I said that I will share with the world and I will make videos, the next line was you don’t have to pay, you don’t have to pay anything.

And you know what? He asked his colleague bring his file, bring his file, process file, process file, no videos, no video.

And he said this also and just because I’m doing that doesn’t mean that we will come and we will visit again nothing, nothing will happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, now you tell me what’s your view on this?

Many of us we might be thinking that Praveen, you did well with that person and this and that but don’t you feel that the encouragement of this kind of people getting money or collecting money like this is derived from not from them, from us only.

The moment, in my building, there’re hundred offices, the moment if all the office people stop taking that calculator, negotiating and giving it back, the day you stop doing that automatically, these people will stop asking for money like this.

Don’t you feel that?

So, who is responsible for corruption here?

Corruption is deeply rooted where in us? We are very flexible in giving money, ah as long as my work is done, if I’m giving little money,

I save time.

So, who is corrupt? The people are asking for money they are corrupt or people like you and me who take this as an excuse.

Okay, traffic polices, if I don’t have a license is catching me, I give him 50 rupees.

Corruption Is A Big Thing

Corruption is a big thing I understand that.

The moment you stop, you start following laws and you stop giving this to them then we can uproot corruption.

So, we can uproot corruption only when we behave the way we should ideally behave, not just this few people are asking for money, they’re behaving like this only because we are behaving the way we are behaving so we have to change they don’t have to change.

So that time I thought it’s not like that that I’ve never given small corruptions in my life or small.

I still remember the first corruption I did in my life.

When after 12 standard when I was at the certificate, caste certificate, I was standing in the row, and because I wanted that my files should be signed by the inside officer in front of me, my father gave some money to that peon.

So, I did corruption. I did accept it that I said okay, this is correct. This is the way it has to be as long as my work is getting done faster, it has to be like that, but I think how long I will do that?

How long you will do that? I understand initially we do some mistakes but now we decided no.

Even in that moment, we decided now, no matter how much I have to pay.

This time I will not expect that person to change.

This time no matter how much I have to pay, I will change.

So maybe for the corruption they don’t have to change, you have to change.

This is Praveen, signing out until we meet again.


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