Is Media Politicians Misguiding YOU

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

Nowadays, we started believing in this that media and politics they are formally wedded with each other.

And whatever news we watch, they are driven by political agenda, or they’re driven by politicians or political parties.

Now, what do you mean by politicians according to me.

These are the people who are selected by us so they can manage our tax money for the growth of this country. That’s the definition of politics according to me.

Now, all those people to whom we are giving our hard-earned money, tax money, I’ve never understood why they are expecting from us to invest our valuable time in understanding these news.

Example, why for so many months, we are trying to understand this whether Sushant Singh has attempted suicide, whether he has decided to leave this planet on his own, or whether it was murder, someone has taken his life side event but why we should invest our time?

If politicians are driving media news and we are not interested in this or we are. We’ll discuss about that. Or why we should be interested whether which drugs RC was consuming or used to consume, or whether she was giving to Sushant Singh?

And is there any role of that whole thing in whatever happened? Why we should be worried about this? Why politicians or political party people are supposed to manage our tax money for the growth of this country. It is interesting sharing this with us.

I understand when something happened on that day, that’s news. But when you debate on this, discuss on this for months, that’s not a news then. Or why when we are worried about criminals ruining our security.

Is Loss Same For Everyone?

So is political parties or media or political parties why our media misguiding you and me. Let’s understand this. What’s my perspective on this?

Even if we take suicides, there are 381 cases every day in India, sad, sad. So today is 22nd of September, I’m making this video even back-calculate when Sushant’s same episode happened, somewhere 99 days so around 37,000 suicide cases.

My question to you is this, is law same for everyone?

Because if law same for everyone, then why not all these agencies are equally active in all these cases also. Why? Because media is not interested, politicians are not interested. Media and politics of politician’s interests lie only in public interest, in your interest.

Are you interested in this number? Are you interested that no in my country, so many suicides should not happen? You are not. We are interested in Sushant Singh. So, who is misguiding them?

Media and politics, the day you start raising your voice that no in this country, so many suicides should not happen? So many students should not take their life just because of the poor education system, then I think the politician and media will stop showing this for months and start focusing on this where we want to focus. So, who is misguiding?

Imagine for a moment we don’t know the reality. Imagine for a moment it’s murder.

Every day 18 murders, if you back-calculate almost 8000 murders.

But we are not interested in this. Even media and politics is not interested in this because we are not interested.

The moment you start demanding this No, It’s not tolerable, it should not happen then, of course the media and politics will be interested but we are interested about Sushant Singh.

RC, she’s in jail because of marijuana or hash or because of some drugs. Go to the mountains of India, go to Himalayas, Marijuana, and Hash, the way you take tea here, they consume marijuana and Hash is a part of their culture.

So, in the same country, where we have same laws, on one hand, it’s a part of the culture where people are just consuming like it openly.

Go to some real religious events of India, you will find some religious people consuming this in front of everyone. Is lost really simply to everyone in India but we have no interest in what is happening in India or happening in mountains. We are not interested; we are interested in the actual thing.  Because we are interested, even media and politics are interested.

Who Has To Change The Interest?

So, who is misguiding they or we?

Take KR now why plus security? Only 15 people in India get security. People like Chief Justice of India, you’re surrounded by constables, you’re surrounded by commandos for 24 hours. Really, such a big threat?

Now, according to my perspective, the biggest threat for any lady, one of the biggest threats is a threat of acid attack.

Because acid just doesn’t penetrate the skin it penetrates the soul of that girl or lady.

It’s very painful. 1,500 cases in the last five years no one’s interested in security issue, right. You’re concerned about the security of ladies or women, 1500 cases in India.

So, we are interested that’s the reason media and politics our politicians are interested in these issues.

So, who has to change the interest?

Don’t you think that we should be more interested in subjects like this that when my child will stop learning A for apple, A for apple, A for apple?

If you see the educational systems of so many countries have changed completely 360 degree.

When it will change in India?

When this metro work going on, I can see from here, since years why Burj Khalifa they can build in just five to six years, and why is simple Metro or roads are taking years in India, don’t you feel we should be interested in that.

If you see agriculture system in India is so backward, why backward.

Go to any village, I’m a village guy.

Go to any village, if you if you see US, UK and other countries, the farmer, they have their own home in their own ground. It’s like there is a farm there is a home. Here is not like that. They have to stay outside in the main village and they have to travel along to go to their farm.

Now it’s very difficult for every day Farmer, it’s very difficult to do that.

The fundamental difference between Indian farmers and farmers from US and UK, Indian farmers are not even considered themselves as a businessman.

We have this AnnaDevata, and they have been pure, pure businessmen they invest. They should consider themselves as a businessman. So, when they invest on their land, they also reap the benefits, highly exploited by middle people.

Don’t you feel that we should be interested in asking this question to the politicians that tell us how are you changing the agriculture system of India or the storage system of India?

Don’t you feel that we should change our interest? 

Don’t you feel that we are misguiding media and politics?

So, what is the solution Praveen like presenting the problem without any solution is like perfect recipe for disaster.

Stop Expecting That Others Will Change Their Mindset

So, by making this video what why I’m investing my valuable time in making this video. I’m not expecting from you to change this mindset and stop watching news. I don’t watch news. Max to max I sometimes I go to my home and I say I listen top news and in just few seconds I know what is top news, that’s it.

But I don’t watch news. I don’t watch news only because as an indirect digital way of telling these people that at least there is someone in the panel who’s not interested in news.

So, there is no one watching low TRP and digitally they can find out okay, people are not interested.

So, I’m not expecting from you to do this.

Why am I had to do that? I’m just informing you. I’m doing this and same I’m expecting from you, don’t expect from others to do it. You do it.

 If you think that Praveen, yes, I’m not interested in this news. How can it happen? But I’m giving my hard-earned money to these people and they should use this money effectively. I’m more interested in asking current questions, not this.

Stop watching news. Invest that valuable time for yourself. Learn something maybe read a book, spend time with your family, do meditation, do yoga, learn that.

So even if you’re not asking question is still okay but if you’re spending time on news channel then indirectly, they will be misguided.

My point is that, if you today also in the light for hour, if you watch what is happening with Kangna Ranawat or Sushant Singh.

You’re indirectly digitally telling them see, we are still interested and you’re misguiding politicians, you’re misguiding media, stop misguiding.

So, to be very precise answer to this question that is media politics misguiding?

You know, I think we are misguiding them.

This is Praveen signing out until we meet again.

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