Learn The Skills, Spend Time In Learning

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How To Boost Up My Confidence?

The only way to boost up your confidence is doing something which you have learned. Every time we lose confidence when we try to do something which we should have not learned. Learn the skills. Spend time in learning.

There Are Some Interviews In Which They Conduct Test, Like They Don’t Give Enough Time To Prepare Content

There are some interviews in which they conduct test, like they don’t give enough time to prepare content. Example, there is a test where they give 4 minutes to prepare the content on the topic. They will give the spot on the next 1 minute to talk. Now that question, what are the steps to follow so that…yes

It’s a container theory follow the same theory which I followed today. At the start only, I told you I’m going to cover three points, the three containers at the start only. When you’re going for the interview and imagine if your interviewer is asking this question, let’s focus on interview for two minutes. Interviewer is asking this question, tell me about yourself. A traditional way of answering that question is my name is X, Y, Z. And I’m this and that, all the information, which is already there in the CV. A modern way of asking, answering that question is this. “So is that okay if I take two minutes to share one incidents from my life, which will tell you who am I, which will describe my personality.”

And I must tell you if you’re going for a good interview, the way you taking the permission like this you dragged attention. And it’s already speaking, going for a good interview, a senior person, he will definitely allow you to share one incident. But can removing that incident from your life, using the 3S method and delivering that incident effectively. Even that’s a skill but that’s the modern way.

Another question is, tell me your, imagine you are going for a senior position interview. Interview is not always only junior position, senior position interview. And the first thing that you have to do in senior position interview, you have to describe your work. What exactly your current job profile is. Sometimes I see people they start explaining the job profile. When you’re starting without telling an interviewer where you’re going to end, the interview is completely uncertain. Okay, this, you do this or do when you’re going to end. Think about this. So currently I have three important profile or three important works or three important responsibilities. Let me take one by one. At the start only you have told, okay, only three.

Simple technique but very effective in conversation.


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