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Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Mountaineer | Coach | Storyteller


Praveen Wadalkar is an award-winning entrepreneur, certified mountaineer, author of two books, well-known influencer, coach to 25000+ students of public speaking from over 128 countries.

Quick Introduction

6 Stories That Shaped Praveen To Be The Person He Is Today

1. Mountaineer
Inspired by Dolly Wadalkar

FIRST TIME when I thought to take a break from my work routine and go to the mountains alone was when Dolly shared her experience of the Himalayan mountain visit. Dolly is my partner, both in business and life. We fell in love at a very early stage of life. To be very precise in the 11th Standard! After 5 years of marriage in 2015, she enrolled in an MBA course. As a part of this course, she went for a leadership program in the Himalayan Mountains. When she came back and shared her experience, it made me curious. Today, I am a certified mountaineer from (HMI) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute run by the Indian Army. What about Dolly? Like all other areas even here she is one step ahead than me. She is an advanced HMI certified mountaineer.

2. Entrepreneur
Inspired by Ranbir Kapoor

The FIRST TIME in my life when I thought about quitting a job and starting a business was after watching Ranbir Kapoor’s movie, ‘Rocket Singh’.
My Current Understanding: “Entrepreneurship is about acknowledging and enjoying uncertainty”.
My Achievement: Building a team of 200 champions spreading across 2 businesses.
My Challenging Moment: When I was broke and had to rob the piggy bank of my 6 years old son in the first year of my business.

3. Coach
Inspired by Peng Joon

The FIRST TIME a thought came in my mind to become a coach was during 3 days’ workshop of Peng Joon on digital marketing in 2016. He helped me to understand why it’s important to share your learning with the world.
My Current Understanding: When you learn something significant because of which you are getting benefits it becomes your responsibility to share it with the world.


4. Family Man
Inspired By Pushpa Wadalkar

FIRST TIME I realize the importance of family when I ran away from my home at the age of 13. I did come back home after 3 days and gave a hug to my mother, at that moment I understood why family is important to me.

My Current understanding: There is a huge difference between staying lonely and feeling lonely.

5. Author
Inspired By Garry Robert

The FIRST TIME a thought came in my mind to become an Author was during 3 days’ workshop of Garry Robert. Just like Peng Joon, he also helped me to understand why it’s important to share your learning with the world.

My Current Understanding: Book is always there in the mind. It’s just a matter of learning a simple skill and putting that on the paper.

6. Speaker
Inspired by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

The FIRST TIME a thought came in my mind to become a speaker was when I saw Dananjaya Hettiarachchi’s (World Champion of Public Speaking 2014) winning speech, ” I see something” on YouTube. I must have seen it for more than 100 times and the reason I saw it so many times because every time I felt he is speaking to me.
My Current understanding: Speaking to share your values, perspective, stories is one of the best ways to contribute to a better planet.

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