My best learning from 10 days Vipassana Meditation Course

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

I remember someone asking me this question that Praveen, recently you completed your 10 days of Vipassana meditation, what is the most important learning, spending 10 days there keeping your mouth shut and meditation from morning to evening, what is that one key learning?

And I said, the most important learning is this that it has been told to us since childhood, that if someone is unhappy, it means something has happened bad in his or her life, and because of that mishap, because of that bad thing, that person is unhappy.

And after spending 10 days, I had to reconsider this belief.

The reason behind unhappiness is not something that is happening in your life.

So, the person asked me, Praveen, tell me more about this.

And I said what I’ve learned is this in Vipassana, if something is happening good in your life, we react, we said yes, very nice something happening in your life matching your expectation, something which you wanted to happen happened.

So, anything which is happening as per your likability as per expectation, we react and we feel happy, we celebrate, we enjoy, but when you do that again and again, then indirectly you’re training your mind to something happening outside, react. Mind this you also know; we are so fortunate that we have the best mind on this planet Earth. So, you are training your best trainable mind to react.

Stay Equanimous

Now mind is trained to react; expert in reacting.

So, moment something happening in front of you, which is not matching your expectation, mind will react and you’ll react okay, this is not as per my expectation, this is not something which I wanted. So, mind will react. So, the problem is not what is happening outside, the problem is you are training your mind to react.

And then with Vipassana, we do exactly this 10 day. It’s a simple technique where we observe the reactions on our body, and then you will find there’s some good reaction, there’s some bad reaction.

In 10 days, we try our best to stay equanimous. What do you mean by that? If good reaction we do not react to it oh very good reaction, very good reaction. If bad reaction, we do not react to it, bad reaction, bad reaction, whether it’s good or bad, stay equanimous because it’s going to disappear one day.

So, 10 days, I learned only one thing, if you really want to stay happy in your life, then you have to learn how to stay equanimous.

Something happened good in your life still do not react, something that happened bad in your life, still do not react; stay equanimous.

So, just because I’m sharing this with you, that doesn’t mean that I have reached that level. I’m just scratching the surface of Vipassana, not even the surface just one scratch.

But that person asked me, what is the most important learning whether I’m able to implement that learning in my life, still not, but that is the key learning from Vipassana from 10 days.

This has been Praveen signing out until we meet again.


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