Myths of eLearning Business – I Hesitate To Sell

by | Apr 13, 2020 | eLearning | 1 comment

How many of you know HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute). It’s an institute where the Indian Army teaches you how to climb mountains. We did Asia’s toughest track to reach Rahtun glacier at 17000 ft. It’s a very tough course. I am a mountaineer, my wife is a mountaineer BTW. She is an advanced HMI certified mountaineer. 

And because I am a mountaineer, I spend a lot of time in the mountains. If you ask me, Praveen, if you have enough money in your bank to support your desired lifestyle, what would you do? 

I would say, go to the mountains and stay there. I don’t want to come to this concrete again. 

In this place, we are doing everything that is told to you. 

Example, someone has told you that you should not have long hair. Who is that one person who told you that men should not have long hair. And what if that first person is wrong. 

Everything has been told to you. I would rather go to the mountains and live my life there. 

So I spend a lot of time in the mountains. I was sitting there with some locals. This is a place called Gul. 

This incident will help you to understand why you should be in the eLearning business. 

I was sitting here and one man came from behind and I asked him what do you do?

He said can you see that mountain. I said “Yes, I can see that.”

He said there is another mountain behind that mountain. I have a chemist shop there. 

I was surprised. Out of curiosity I asked him, “Chalta hai kya?”, “Does it work?”.

He said, Yes. Every year people from this village move to that village and they buy and people from that village move to this village and they buy. Whatever I earn is enough. 

I just learned one thing from him. 

“Dukan sabki chalti hai. Dukan toh lagao!” 

How long will you hesitate selling. Only reason you don’t open your shop is because you hesitate to sell. 

The only reason why I don’t hesitate to sell is because here is something that I have created with a lot of care, passion and dedication. Yes, there are some challenges, but when I sell something that I have created with so much passion and dedication, only for people who are interested in learning and still if you don’t buy, it’s not my loss, it’s your loss. 

So I don’t hesitate to sell. Considering that you are a trainer who has that one skill that you can help people with, then if you are not selling it, it’s not fair. If someone is thirsty to learn then it is your responsibility to share, it is your responsibility to have proper systems, proper technique, proper method but if you are not selling, your skill is gone. 

In public speaking, the first most important thing is selling, selling your ideas, selling your thoughts, selling your suggestions, feedback.

If anyone is allergic to selling and marketing, how long? 

How long will you read others books, even those books are SOLD to you? 

How long will you just enroll in others online courses. They are also SOLD to you? 

How long will you just buy someone else’s point of view? Long hair…no long hair…short hair..yees, short hair. 

All you are doing is buying, you are not paying, you are just buying. 

Why? You have limited time. Don’t spend your time just buying. 

Invest your time in selling. Because there is only one way to make money. SELL ! 

Sell your ideas, sell your values, sell your thoughts, sell your online products. Convert all your knowledge into a system today and please SELL. 

Change your mindset towards selling. 

There is only one reason why we don’t like selling. It has been told to us, selling is not good. Give it free. If you are making money, it is no by fair means, it is not correct. 

When I started selling courses worth crores of rupees, my father was worried. He asked me many times, “Son, are you sure this is the correct business to be in ?”

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  1. Shekhar Khobrekar

    When i started my business in CONSTRUCTION,i didn’t have money.So one friend told me to borrow it from the bank.So i told him who will give me.So,he insisted me to at least ask,and when i asked the bank gave me.Similarly i always had a doubt of selling my training programme,thinking who will buy,but after reading this BLOG,i will at least make an attempt to sell my programme.


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