No Skill Is Advance or Basic

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

One basic mistake people do when they enter into training, a very basic mistake, which is so natural when I’ve done that in my life, a very natural mistake.

Mistake of assuming that people are aware of what I’m going to share. And this is so basic, if I share, people will feel that hey, what he’s sharing. This is so simple.

Covering the basics

When I attended the first training session in my life, outside my corporate world, or my entrepreneurship journey for the first time, that was a Peng Joon.

So Peng Joon came to India, and he conducted this training session for three days, and I paid around 35 or 40,000 rupees for that particular session. It was a three days workshop.

And he was covering so basic, how to start your YouTube channel, how to start your Facebook fan page, how to launch the WordPress website. So basic, you will find thousands of videos on YouTube on how to start your WordPress website. So basic.
And when we did that, along with him, when we were doing it, and we were enjoying that session, even for a second, I never felt that he’s teaching me the basics. I was just doing it.

New Skill

Because even though it was basic, but I was doing it for the first time.

And then towards the end of the session, he said, now many of you will feel, this is so basic what I have learned today, WordPress website, what he said, maybe 100 people 200 people were sitting here in this particular conference room. Only they are aware of how to develop the WordPress website.

If you go outside for the same thing, people are still paying 15,000 to 20,000 rupees to someone else was at the time of application when I want to use that particular skill in my life. I’m not aware, I don’t know.

Then, it doesn’t matter whether it’s basic or advanced. It is not there in me.

Swimming is so basic, I can learn anytime. But when there is a time to swim, you have not learned that skill. you’re drowning. You’re inside the water. So no skill is advance or basic the skill is whether you have it or don’t have it.


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