Nothing More Important Than Your Ideas, Values, Thoughts

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Are Breathing Techniques Really Effective For Public Speaking?

That’s a very good question. What is speaking? Why you see, I’ve been speaking 11, 12 one two, three, three 13. I’ve been speaking for 4 hours, 13 minutes. Now I have pain in my chest. Of course, which is very natural. So I went to my doctor also. I said, doctor, you know what? I speak a lot and I speak like this. And one day I had this fear also, what if I lose my voice only? So she said it doesn’t happen like this. It happens only in movies. You will not lose your voice. And they said, what about my lungs? I’m always stretching my lungs because I feel pain. And my doctor said, do not worry about that. Your lungs is something as an organ. If you use it more and more, it automatically increases the capacity. So do not worry about that. So speaking is all about breathing. See it is nothing you see. Do you agree with me to maintain the same kind of energy. Now when I started, I had the same energy, now also I have the same energy, when I was training, I had the same energy. When I was selling, same energy. Maintain the same energy for four to five hours. I could have not achieved this on day one. So one and a half years ago, when I started training, I was training for one, one or two or three hours. One day, two day when I was physical training. So slowly, slowly, but yes, breathing is very important. Breathe well, there’s certain breathing techniques, which we have to do. If you do that, it will help you in speaking.

Pronunciation And Speaking, How It’s Related?

What about pronunciation? Pronunciation and speaking, how it’s related? Again, the same example, the word pronunciation, I remember when I was doing the workshop and there was an English teacher sitting in my class and I said, pronunciation is very important. And she said, Praveen it’s not pronunciation it’s pronunciation. I said, yes, ma’am, it’s important. Pronunciation is important. Grammar is important. Formation of sentence is important. Everything is important but nothing more important than your ideas, values, thoughts. Nothing more important than learning the techniques and methods. It’s important but not up to that extent. It’s easy to learn always pronunciation.

How To Present Ourself Attire By Keeping Your Dress Simple?

As long as whatever you are wearing, you can carry. I remember I was in I am and there were three panelists. All three panelists were wearing, everyone was wearing I think I showed that image in the workshop also when I was sharing the how to start techniques. So if you have observed, if you see the recording, everyone was wearing a coat and suit and I was in jeans and sweater. And the panelists asked me Praveen and it was a good friend of mine because we had a previous dinner speaker dinner. So in speaker dinner, we were close to each other. He said, Praveen, we all are very good and you are wearing just jeans and we are in, I am why? And as I said this early in the morning, when I got up, I close my eyes. I thought what I should wear, what I should wear, not what people want me to wear. Maybe you are wearing this dress because you are going to, I am. And what people want you to wear, I am going to go, I will wear this. I am going to, I am, I will wear. People will not decide, sir, what I will wear. I like black. I will wear black. I’m not wearing a pajama. I’m maintaining the aesthetics. I am maintaining the dignity of I am. I have very good clothes but not necessarily I will wear only jackets or coats, I will decide what I want to wear. So as long as whatever you are wearing, you can carry. Wear what you want to wear.

Where To Practice Public Speaking If You’re Not Getting A Chance To Speak In Public?

The answer to this question is very simple. Public speaking you can practice on social media. That’s the only way I could able to improve my public speaking. As I told you at the start of this workshop, the only reason I decided to start making videos because I thought where is the public? Public is busy. Where to practice? Public is there on social media but when you practice on social media, be ready for comments. Be ready for feedback. Good, bad. Be ready. Do not worry about that.

Should We Focus On What Kind Of Audience We Deliver Our Content To?

That’s a good question. The only three types of audience. The audience, which is above an authority. Audience, same in authority. Audience below in authority. When you’re speaking in audience above an authority example, your bosses, CEOs, directors, then of course you have to take care because many things are on stake, many things are at stake. If you are same in authority, there also, you have to take care. Why? Because if saving authority and now I am standing alone, here’s an opportunity for me to prove I’m better than you. If below in authority, of course you have to take care. Say example, you’re speaking in front of your students, small, small students. Then they’re taking you very seriously. Someone is standing in front of us adult, be responsible. So answer to that question is when you stand in front of public, you stand only for public. You should focus only on the audience, not on yourself.


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