Oops! I did a mistake 😡

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What do you mean by a mistake? I just did one mistake. I was supposed to get up at 6:30 am.

So I did that. Because last night when I was checking my calendar, I observed that one financial freedom program member has booked a slot for 6:30. So I woke up at 6:15. I was all set.

And when I realized that this member has not joined the zoom meeting, I sent one audio to him. Hey, I’m waiting for you. And he said, Praveen, I have booked the slot for tomorrow, not for today, it is a mistake. And I said, Yes, there is a mistake.

And moment, I felt that I said, Oh, if I had checked properly, then I would have easily either sleeping in the bed or easily, I would have used that time to go for a running, I did a mistake.

I started feeling bad about it because I did a mistake.

But for a moment, if you keep this word aside, and don’t look towards this word, the way we have been conditioned to look at mistake as bad, wrong something we did, which was generating pain. That is one mistake.

Or just observe that moment. Keeping all the knowledge associated with this word ‘mistake’, keep the knowledge of science in childhood has been told you, don’t do mistakes.

Mistakes are good!

Mistakes are not good, you are careless, that’s the reason you do mistakes. Keep all the accumulated knowledge of your life, or the accumulated knowledge of humanity about this word mystery, keep that away.

This absorbed the feeling. Just observe the feeling of this what is happening right now.

Since I started observing, I said, there is a feeling of loss. I lost an opportunity of sleeping and an opportunity of going running. I lost an opportunity of resting on the side, there’s a feeling of loss.

Feeling of loss

But that’s the past. If I’m feeling that loss right now, and I’m lost, that’s the past. It means I’m living in the past.

If you just absorb the feeling, that feeling of loss, then that feeling is coming from the past something related to the past. And if I’m in the past, I’m not in the present, isn’t it?

So, I started observing a decade and is it worth doing that. And, the moment I felt is it worth thinking about that past or other? Let me see life is now.

So suddenly this feeling, the reactions from this feeling of loss were a little stressful, I did a mistake.

Life is now

I should have been better I should have been more organized towards the mistake.

But when I started observing, I said this is a thought of loss coming from the past.

Life is now, what I can learn from this observation and if I can learn something from this observation, can I share that observation with people with at least we speak and our family members who understand the meaning of these observations.

Suddenly that feeling disappeared, and when the feeling of loss disappeared, the reactions which normally follow feelings, the reaction of stress, the reaction of anxiety even that disappears, and I’m back to life.

So my question to you is this, what do you mean by mistake? It was just an event of my life.

Every event, just observe it, learn from it, and live life and life is now, at this point.

If I keep thinking about I did a mistake, I should have done this, or next time I will not do this. I did a mistake, then I’m not living life.

Either I’m in the past or the future. Life is now, not after five seconds, not after 10 seconds. Now.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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