Overcome The Fear To Speak Up Confidently

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Panic Attack How To Overcome?

That’s a good question. Only reason why you get panic attack or only reason why you have fear of public speaking because if you have attended the entire workshop, you’re trying to do something which you have not learned in your life. Whenever you try to do something, which you have never learned in your life, then we have, we’ve got fear. But why only in public speaking, Praveen? Why Praveen public speaking, only why people are so much scared. Understand this, understand is why people get scared so much in public speaking because when we speak, our content represents our image. The way I’m speaking, the what I’m speaking based upon that content, you are creating my image with what kind of person I am. So whenever you speak, your content represents your image and it has been told to you since childhood take care of your image or show your best image, whenever you are in front of people. That’s the reason ladies and gentlemen your mother has two types of cups at home, even my mother. One every day, we used to drink tea this simple cup and for guest good cup. Best image, show your best image to people. Correct? When you are in front of public, your content is the image and you’re not able to show the best image. Why you have never learned how to organize content, how to speak effectively and when your images are on stake, you get, you’re under panic. You’re under fear. That’s the reason. So what is the solution? The solution is to learn, practice and implement.

How To Overcome The Problem Like Speaking In English During Presentation?

I always face problem like speaking in English during presentation. Please tell us how to overcome this issue? I had the same question three years ago. Same question. I had the same question when I came to Mumbai. I was working as a medical representative in small cities like Satara Kurata, Ratnagiri Chiplun in Maharashtra and because I was a little creative in my work, fortunately, there was one vacancy in marketing and I got an opportunity to come to Mumbai. And when I came here in Mumbai, I realize, oh my god, everyone speaks in English. I don’t belong. My parents don’t have money to send me to English Medium School or Convent School. If my dad is auto truck driver, you can imagine that I didn’t have that atmosphere where everyone is speaking English. So, I was very poor in English, very poor. At the age of 30 when I came to Mumbai, when I realized that oh my god, in this city, I cannot survive forget thriving, I cannot survive without English.

So, what I did, I went to an English-speaking class. When I reached there, that lady asked me what you do? I said, I’m a manager in a company simpler. I said, you’re a manager. Sir we have an executive course. And I said, I don’t want an executive course. I was a very poor student in my schooling, I didn’t learn this language in my school, I want to learn basics. And learn noun, pronoun, adjectives everything at the age of 30. Recently, let me show you. Recently, just few months ago, I realized when I started making videos three years ago, I started making videos. So, when I started making videos, I realize the comments I’m getting from people, hey your English is not good. There is one video where I have more than 500 to 600 comments on one word, question. For All my life I used to pronounce question, question. So that your English is not good, what you can teach public speaking skills. Those are not negative comments. Those are real comments.

So, what I did ladies and gentlemen, I again join English speaking classes. So, I appointed an English teacher, you can see my English book, see, right, Shri Ganesh Nama, she only told me right to do all this kind of sentences, right formation of interrogative sentence. The point I’m making Ladies and gentlemen, those people who believe in this that they are not good in English, it’s a simple skill, learn it. Don’t expect that you will speak in English fluently without learning that skill. Do you expect from yourself speak fluently in Spanish without learning Spanish? Why you are giving that benefit to English then? So, the answer to that question is, if you are struggling, joining the speaking classes, work hard and improve.

Sometimes, If You Lose Track Of What I’m Speaking

Sometimes, if you lose track of what I’m speaking. Very good point. Very good point. We lose track only when your mind, see scientifically it is proven that your mind can do only one thing at a time, you know, that study it is proven. At the time is what? Your mind can divide one second in several microseconds but at the time, your mind can do only one thing. So when your mind can do only one thing, so either your mind is busy in delivering the content or your mind is busy thinking something else. Many times that something else is what? What people are thinking about me? Are they liking me or not liking me? Hey, that person is looking in the mobile. I’m at boarding or what? Hey, the joke I cracked, which I thought they laugh a lot, they are not even smiling. When your mind is busy and thinking all that, then your mind can not be focused on content. Why I decided to go and empty my bladder? Because I know in 45 minutes, my mind will think, Oh you know, bladder, bladder. No, I don’t want anything. The biggest crime you do in public speaking is this. When your mind is not focused on the content, which is for the public and mins is thinking about something else. How to reach that level? That is exactly what we do at speak and grow. The only way you can reach, you have reached that level in other skills.

So, example driving. The day one you used to drive like this right? I am stick, body stiff. If someone is asking you to change the gear, look down and change gear. Now why? Why? Because you have been driving since many years, every day. Same with public speaking, ladies and gentlemen, when you’re a part of a speak and grow community, when you make videos every day, public speaking becomes so natural for you but with correct techniques and methods if you are a part of speak and grow community and now I’m very excited. Tomorrow only I will appear for communication league and I will use the same techniques and methods only, which I have been doing since last year, many years, then you have missed the point. Then you have missed the point. You have learned the correct techniques that’s the reason for complete 21 days program. When you complete 21 days now the beauties 21 days program you can complete in one day. Also, there are two ways you can complete 21 days video program. Either every day, 10, 10 minutes, 20, 20 minutes or continuously you can do that both options are there but learn and practice and then grow.

How To Overcome This Fear To Speak Up Confidently And How To Improve My Vocabulary?

Please, let me know how to overcome this fear to speak up confidently and how to improve my vocabulary. And also I’m worrying about my grammar and think I speak wrongly people will laugh at me. Sir, understand. The answer to your first part of the question the only reason you have the word fear because you are trying to do something which you have not learned vocabulary. Understand, understand the point of view of vocabulary. There is no logic of you building such a strong vocabulary in public speaking that people can’t even understand you. Sushi Toru I respect but Sushi Toru speaking in front of students in a small interior of Maharashtra. Will students will understand what he’s speaking? I respect his vocabulary, but what is the object of speaking if people don’t even understand, tell me, we have spent almost four hours, three hours, 51 minutes, one word, which I’ve used, which you’re maybe 13 years or 14 years old child can understand. So vocabulary, you have to improve in a such a way like this, understand. There are many words we have, which we do not use you have in your locality but you don’t use. So what do you should do when you’re watching movies or when you’re watching web series and you say, Hey, this is a good phrase, good line. Write it down. You know that you’re not adding new words in your vocabulary. You are enhancing or increasing, you’re leveraging your current vocabulary only to communicate. So there’s nothing wrong in improving your vocabulary especially if you want to go outside or clear some entrance exam or want to read nothing wrong. But if vocabulary is the solution, then every person from English speaking country will become good in public speaking. So vocabulary is not the solution. Grammar, joining English speaking classes.

Do You Need To Be Well-read To Be A Public Speaker?

I just started my reading habits so I always have a feeling that I should have had this from my childhood. So the definition of well-read varies from person to person. Who’s that is? Whatever well-read. But at every point of time, you are here in life, middle. There are people below you that people above you. People below you, they’re looking towards you and they say, Hey, can you share what you have learned? And there are people above you and you say, Hey, can you teach what you have learned? One mistake people do you know what? They feel sometimes after a few years, especially those people become senior. They feel that I can only teach. I can add, Oh, I’m a seal. I’m this? What I look at is this. What I look at is that. What I look at number one. What I look at that. Well how come we never learn. What I can only teach. What I’ll finish. That what I’ll finish. I know there are people who are below me and there are people above me are lots of people who speak far better than me. What do you mean by speak far better than me? Their body language and vocal ability better than me. No, they speak far better than me means that they’ve implemented the skill in their life in such a way that they’re growing better than me professionally, personally, financially, spiritually, the growing better than me. That is I have to learn from them. So there’s nothing called well-read. There’s no limit in reading and learning.


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