Public Speaking Is A Blend of Natural Talent And Learnable Skill

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Public speaking is a blend of natural talent and learnable skills. That is, you’re born with it and learnable skill. How many of you think, yes, that’s a fact or no, that’s a myth. Myth or fact?

How the house is fairly divided? Okay, let me end the poll and let me share the results. How it is fairly divided 46% people said myth and 54% people said facts.

Understand what do you mean by born talent first, and what do you mean by learnable skill?

Born means you are born with it and learnable skill, it means you can learn the practice, you develop that skill and then you implement that skill in your life.

Born Talent

Let’s take one by one.

First, It’s a born talent. Sometimes I feel that when you say it’s a born talent it means you’re born with it, right? Is there in you naturally?

Can you give me an example of one more skill you are born with it? Can you give me an example I’ve opened the chat you are born with it?

I want to understand, ability to see okay, breathing, sex, moment, flexible body, taking food, imitating, hearing born talent. Some people are talkative, confident, listening, talking, race, learning.

So, those people who said the flexibility of bodies the born talent so you say there are few people whose body is very flexible few exceptions are there I agree.

There are a few exceptions where the body structure is such that they can go inside one small box also. The birthmark is a talent, you consider that as a talent I think I am no one to challenge you but birthmark.

Someone said breathing is a talent. How many of you think that breathing is a talent because I have little doubt about it. How many of you think that breathing is a talent click on A breathing is a talent click on B for breathing is not talent is like everyone breathes every species breathe, what is talent in that?

So, I think 72% of people even I think what is the talent in breathing. How to breathe as breathing exercises.

Now I can understand to some extent you said I breathe very well. I learned very well. I’m very good at sex someone said.
So these things you said that you have naturally born with it.

Now let’s take speaking skills. What is the skill, skill of organization of thoughts? You have born talent, how to organize your content, skill of focusing on the content.

You have that born talent that you can focus on anything, the skill of delivering that content in your language. So you have that talent because public speaking is a combination of all these things only.

So you have the skill of delivering that content in that particular language. You’re born with that language only, Right? So you’re born with it.

Since childhood even I heard this born speaker, born cricketer, born singer, maa Saraswati has given you a very good voice or Sachin Tendulkar is a born cricketer.

Born Talent Vs Learnable Skill

You should watch the interview by Sachin Tendulkar, he said in a very sophisticated way whenever you say to a sportsman that you are born with that skill you’re insulting the hard work, commitment, passion, dedication of that person. Wherever Sachin Tendulkar has reached is because of his efforts.

Everybody says Madhuri Dixit is a very flexible, natural body, go with Madhuri Dixit you will find the amount of sweat she used to pour on the floor. In the gym, don’t you feel you’re insulting the hard work.

I’ve seen people who never used to speak including me, I used to hesitate to speak in front of people. Now I’m calm composed, it doesn’t matter whether I have thousands of people in front of me, doesn’t matter. So I’m not born with it right. So if you say Praveen you are a very natural speaker, you’re insulting my hard work also.

So all those people who believe in this born cricketer, born dancer, born speaker, only babies are born on this planet. Even if you take a breathing skill, you go to some expert you will find that the skill which normally you should breathe properly, many of us who don’t breathe properly, we have lost we are doing it incorrectly, it means what either there is a correct method or incorrect method. So we have first we had that correct method and slowly with changes to the incorrect method.

So even breathing, hand and eye coordination, tell me when the boy started walking, a child started walking naturally. It was so easy for you and me to start walking. Don’t you feel that we first time we caught that ball in our hand, it’s eye and hand coordination?

So, impact of genetics is one thing and developing this kind of skills walking, talking, singing, even eye-hand coordination these are the skills which you have to learn.

Why few people just run and why few people are making world records in running? That’s a skill, running is a skill, walking is a skill, dancing is a skill, speaking is a skill. No one is born with it. Number one.

Learnable Skill

What do you mean by learnable then many people feel that because they are speaking it means they are learning also. No, learning is not that learning means you get exposed to correct techniques and methods, understand those techniques and methods, practice those techniques and methods and become perfect slowly and reach one significant level and then you master it. That’s called learning.

As per one survey, more than 90% of people say Praveen yes, public speaking is essential for professional growth and more than 90% people said that we have never learned public speaking formal, any formal education, What’s going on?

Now the problem is not this. The problem is this Understand. In case if you think it’s a bond talent still okay, you’re born with it congratulation not born with it, sorry next life.

In case if it’s a learnable skill with the definition of learning is this good you will learn it the problem is that you think is a blend of both. A blend of both means always you have one excuse in your mind ready?

You have a very good presentation very nice presentation or very important presentation you have you have given it very good perform very well as per expectation. See, I’ve learned it worked hard. And despite your whatever learning you had and whatever you have practice despite of all that if you are not able to speak effectively that day on that presentation day. I have given my best but I think I don’t have that, one thing is missing in me.

Yes. She has. I don’t have that natural thing. I’m working hard. Ladies and gentlemen, a blend of both is one big excuse you have in your mind. There’s only one way to develop any skill, accept it only babies are born on this planet.

The school of life, identify the skill, as a student, learn that skill, and doesn’t matter whether you are learning singing, dancing, or not if you want to make career, do that.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re learning those skills or not but your ability to speak is going to change your life. Be a student of that skill. Nothing called born here. Learn it.

Tell me. How many of you think Praveen? Yes, we agree. Click on A click on B, no Praveen, we don’t agree. Let me end the poll. And let me share the result. 93% of people said Praveen, yes and 7% of people said Praveen no.


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