Public Speaking Is Not A Born Talent, Here Is Why

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Public Speaking | 4 comments

Are You A Born Speaker?

This especially for those people who strongly believe that your ability to speak in front of people is either a blend of both learnable skill and natural talent. 

You know dogs, dogs can smell far better than us. I have a dog Zicki. Dogs can smell far better than us because they have almost 300 million smell receptors in their nose compared to what I have is only 6 million. So, 300 million versus 6 million receptors, who have given receptors, of course Mother Nature. Your dog’s ability to smell is all natural. So similarly smelling is something which is given to us naturally even speaking is given to us naturally. 

We Are Limited Without Training

Now, just like in smelling, you can smell but if I asked my dog to smell, drugs will he be able to do that? No, he can smell but he cannot smell drugs because no one has trained him to smell drugs. Same with speaking, speaking is what? Speaking is the ability to pronounce sounds. My ability to pronounce sounds is far better than Zicki. 

Why, because Zicki has very limited ability. By the way he has recently learned because he is aware that I don’t like when he shouts or barks very loudly so he has recently learned to bark with a very mild sound. Now he is using his limited ability to pronounce sound, but I have an immense ability and to explore this ability my parents have sent me to school and college where I’ve learned languages.

Public Speaking Needs Training Too

I’ve learned because human beings since the last so many years have explored this ability to pronounce various types of sounds and we have converted that ability into words language so we can communicate with each other. That’s an application of that ability, languages. But, like we learn languages, which is the application of that ability. Similarly, we have to learn how to speak in front of people, which is another application of that ability. We have the ability to pronounce sound but we don’t have a natural ability to pronounce the same sounds. Otherwise everyone on the planet will speak in English and Hindi only. 

We all have their different languages, different ways of pronouncing words, because we got trained on that. Similarly, with public speaking, if I’m expecting myself to go on the stage and speak effectively in front of people, then it’s like without training it just like I am expecting from Zicki to go outside and join the police force and become a drug dog and start sniffing drugs. 

So yes, Mother Nature has given him the ability to smell, but he has to train himself. Mother Nature has given me the ability to pronounce various sounds, but I have to train myself, if I have to speak effectively, if he has to smell drugs.  

Because I think at the Speak and Grow community, we strongly believe in this, that only babies are born on this planet. 

So, what is your perspective on this? 

Especially for those people who still believe its natural talent, or blend of both, still who are not making videos, practicing, and participating in communication challenges? 


  1. Venugopal

    Yes of course, the trained people can perform well in any field. So public speaking is also a skill which require training. Well said !


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