Public Speaking Myths – Business Meeting Is All About Numbers

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Rely on the facts, just numbers. I’ve seen this myth number two, or fact number two, I will explain the concept and you tell me whether it’s a myth or fact, according to you.

Especially at corporate especially at business, there is no scope of stories, rely on the fact, stalk numbers. We need numbers.
So if you are presenting, maybe in front of your bosses, maybe in front of your senior management, only numbers, stories. Other things, keep it aside.

How many of you think? Wait, I will launch a poll, but explain let me form the question correctly so you’re carefully choosing. So you said that’s the fact.

I’ve seen that I’ve observed that I’ve done that. That’s a fact. Oh, you know, that’s a myth. I don’t agree with this. That’s a myth. Fact or myth, tell me fact or myth? According to you fact or myth?

If I get more than 100% or more than 50% none, I will reconsider. Okay, 20 seconds over, let me launch 48 and 53, very close, or you can say 47 and 53 or 48 and 52%. So, the house is fairly divided very quickly.

Let me demonstrate, then I will ask you which one you have liked. For example, when I started my entrepreneurship journey in 2011, last 10 years, I started five businesses three completely collapsed two doing good.

Now, let’s take one company called Techizer, its an IT company, we have a team of around 200 people. Now, I’m standing in front of seniors, now you see only facts, and then facts with stories.

Right, very quickly, only facts and facts which stories. Now, I will ask you which one you have liked, fact or fact which stories so fact?

And then the Techizer launched in 2011. This company has 200 people. This company is providing IT solutions to more than 13 countries across 75 companies. Recently, we got also acknowledged by economic times as one of the most promising entrepreneurs, facts, facts plus stories.

And I imagine you’re sitting in the audience room as senior people and I’m introducing my company in facts plus story. So I start like this.

I remember in the year 2011, I was working as a senior marketing manager and I was noticing that every industry was changing with help of technology, but not pharma.

Even in the US, 45% of the marketing budget in pharma was on digital was on technology but not in India. We thought there’s an opportunity. So we launched an IT company called Techizer.

I was representing for generation entrepreneurship struggled a lot but now we have a team of 200 people who believe in this belief Yes, a lot can be done with the help of technology even in pharma.

With this belief only now we are providing IT solutions to more than 13 countries. With this belief only now, we got acknowledged by economic times as one of the most promising entrepreneurs of 2019 because we believe yes, a lot can be done with help of technology, even in pharma stories, little story, I was working as a senior marketing manager, I was information for my life. I represent for generation entrepreneurship information from all that little blend of a flavor of personal information stories.

Now you only tell me, if you have liked the only fact. Click on A or facts plus story, click on B A or B, click on B facts plus story A only stories A or B? every poll will be there only for 15 to 20 seconds and I will stop it.

Now the answer is not only important for me, it’s equally important for you also. Because next time when you are going on the stage, you should know whether people need or people like facts or facts plus story.

So 73% of people said facts plus story and 23% said facts. So 23% of people, the learning for you is this, next time when you are going on the stage, maybe 77% people wanted to speak not only facts but facts with stories.

So that’s according to me. It’s not a fact it’s a myth that we should rely only on numbers blend of numbers and stories.


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