Public Speaking Skill Is Full Of Mystery!!!

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Sometimes I think that the way we are treating this public speaking skills, it’s full of mystery.

Let me give you three examples why I’m saying this and then I would love to have your perspective on this.

The first reason, many times when I meet people in the webinar and asked via poll, tell me, “According to you, is this skill important for your professional growth?”

And they said, “Yes Praveen”. Almost 95% people, most of the time they said “Yes Praveen, it is important to click on yes.”

And around 5% people they said, “No.”

If You Really Want To Thrive And Grow Exponentially ..

Now, if it is so important, sometimes people also write in the chat that even if you are working hard in your life, but unless and until you don’t know how to share your learnings from that hard work with the world it is difficult to grow exponentially. You can grow but if you really want to thrive and grow exponentially then you have to learn how to speak in front of people share the learnings from your hard work.

So one hand we are saying, it is very important for professional growth. On other hand, I see people are not even learning that skill.

They don’t even learn. So don’t you feel some big mystery here?

Second, I also asked this question that tell me, “According to you, is this skill a natural talent or it’s a learnable skill, anyone can learn it?”

Almost 95 to 96% people, they said, “Praveen of course it is a learnable skill. That’s the reason we are sitting here in your live webinar.” 

Then around 4 to 5% people said, it’s a born talent, natural talent.  96% learnable skill.

Public Speaking Is Not About Body Language And Vocal Variety Only

Now one hand you are saying it’s a learnable skill. You know there are techniques and methods. The way we learn singing, the way we learn dancing. In singing, we learn Sa Re Ga Ma. In dancing, we learn certain steps.

Even speaking, we learn the techniques and methods to organize the content in your mind and delivering that content in the given time in a such a way so maximum people can understand. These are the techniques and methods for that. Public speaking is not about body language and vocal variety only.

So one hand you say yes, it’s a learnable skill there are techniques and methods. And then we don’t learn it. And without even learning we expect that we can go on the stage and speak effectively.

So 95% people they say learnable skill, they don’t learn it. 95% people say that yes it’s important for professional growth, they don’t learn it. And in case, if they decide to learn, I also asked this question, tell me how many of you agree that public speaking is a very difficult skill? And it’s a difficult skill. Why? Very simple reason behind that, very simple logic.

When we stand in front of the public, even if you’re standing in front of ten people. Ten people, we have ten different individuals. Even there are ten colleagues in your office, there are ten different individuals, different understanding, a different way of looking towards you listening to you, completely different. So everyone is taking you differently.

You Have To Organize Your Content And Deliver Your Content

Now, while public speaking, you have to organize your content and deliver your content in such a way the chances of this ten people understanding what you want to convey is maximum.

It’s very difficult to achieve a 100% but is maximum. That’s a skill. Very difficult.

Now any difficult skill you need practice. So they say okay, I learn public speaking skills. I will watch some videos but they don’t practice. Or they practice only once or twice. And without even practicing they expect that they will become good in skill.

Tell me one difficult skill which you feel, yes… For example, take swimming, very difficult skill.

So on day one, you have gone to learn and day two you started swimming. Doesn’t happen like that, right?

So I never understood that we accept, it is difficult but still we feel that very easily we can learn and we can go on the stage and speak even without practicing it, even without spending time on it.

Beyond my understanding. What do you feel? What is your perspective?

Don’t you feel the way we are treating this skill is full of mystery. That’s my perspective.

Share your perspective.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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