Public Speaking Starts From Home

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Now imagine if I have to speak for five to seven minutes with one purpose. Let me give an example, today’s example only. It was my wife’s turn yesterday.

She said, today I will speak about the importance of getting up early in the morning. So she gets up at around 4:30 am in morning. And she said, since childhood, we always get up for something.

As a child, I want to get up early in the morning for school, I want to get a for tuition, I want to get a for, maybe college, I want to get up because my meeting is there, I want to get up because I have to catch a train, I want to get up because I want to do X Y Z.

We Don’t Get Up For Ourselves

We always get up for something, we don’t get up for ourselves. That’s the conditioning.

Since childhood, we are getting up for something for someone. And she said it took me 40 years to realize this. You have to get up for yourself, for your body.

Maybe I want to get up because I want to witness that beautiful sunrise. I want to stand in the balcony, I want to go running. I want to get up because I want to focus on my body.

And I suddenly realize that earlier if someone is getting up at 8 am and now that someone is getting at 4 am. So certain more hours I have for myself, I’m living for myself only because I got up for myself.

A person like me, I will get up in the morning for a meeting. So I’ve got up for a meeting but now I’ve got up for myself, so I’m living for myself for four hours at least for four hours.

Otherwise, the conditioning is throughout life is that we are getting up for someone else only.

The point I’m making Dr. Subra and Dr. Susan unless and until you don’t have activities like these at your home purposefully in front of your family members, there is no logic of learning to speak, we speak in front of the public because we want to share certain insights from our life.

We don’t speak in front of the public only because we want to teach something technical, right? We are not just engineers and doctors.

We share insights we want to share stories, we want to share something which can be life-changing.

But unless and until you are not sharing those insights with your family members, how can you go in front of the public and speak?

A Fresh Perspective

One day, I asked someone that how many times has he spoken in front of the public, the last one said Praveen not even once.

And that person is not happy because he is not able to make good video never spoken in front of public because moment you speak in front of the public, public expect this kind of fresh perspective only. Is this not a fresh perspective?

Both of you have raised eyebrows. I never thought like this, when we never get up for ourselves.

So public always expect a fresh perspective, are you practicing delivering a fresh perspective in front of your family members now? First or not?

That day, it was my turn in this activity. And I said I will talk about my relationship with my son.

My son was sitting there in front of me, my wife was sitting and it was my turn. So I said what is relationship means to me.

Insights From Real-life

You know my stories in childhood I was always craving for people because if you see my initial 13 to 14 years, there were no people in my life.

I had no people in my life because of that era and because of failed multiple things that happened in my life.

When you lack something you develop a craving for it. So I lack in my life, so I started craving for people and I did multiple things in my life to have good people in my life.

But I look towards that moment I saw I’ve got you in my life and my son when he arrived in my life.

Suddenly that day that craving ended as I know there is someone in my life now is the part of me that my the only part of my soul or my body.

So that whole craving that whole surge that whole quest for people that ended now he will never get this perspective unless and until I have not done purposeful speaking with him.

Share Your Ideas With Family

You will never get an opportunity to say listen, come I have something to share with you he will never do that. So, it is so important if public speaking is important.

If you say that I want to become a public speaker I want to change the world, are you changing your family or not first, forget the world by sharing your ideas, thoughts, if your ideas and thoughts are so big, are you changing your family or not? Are you sharing those ideas and values with your family or not first?

So this five minutes activity with your family is essential if you really want to be good in public speaking, family speaking first. Have this five minutes of activity one person speaking and that will help you to improve public speaking.


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