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How To Make Content Interesting?

The easiest way to make your content interesting is add stories in it.

When I say stories, I mean personal life experiences.

When I say personal life experienced, structured content, 3S method.

Practiced messaged, challenge, communication league, you practice just that only.

By the way, I must tell you in speak and grow community when you will meet me, I’m the last person on the planet to give you sugar-coated feedback. You will understand this, people who are freedom program trainers, lots of members at 6,000 plus members. Few people nominate themselves as a freedom training program. Few people take action because even to enter there, you have to participate in the communication league, which will take some effort.

Now, few members said that no freedom programs should be live or the recording of the freedom program should be given to everyone. They’re fighting for it. I’m fighting for it. I said, no, I will not give a recording.


Understand, because what is the object of freedom program?

Freedom programs has on, one trainer do the same content, same training again and again so that person can improve the skill, that is objective of the freedom training program, persons should improve the skill, right? If the training recording is available to everyone, what is the motivation for the trainer to do again?

So I fight with my members because see, I will do, within my capacity or you convince me.

So there is, if you come to speak and grow, there is a communication league in that there’s start perspective challenge. Shall we give a recording or not?

I shared my perspective, you convinced me then. I’m ready to do to change my belief, share your perspective.

Why you should give the recording? We are fun there.

But there is hard work there.

How To Improve Vocabulary?

Simple, very common question.

Understand first two things in this.

First do not try to improve your vocabulary.

Do not try to have that words in your bank, which people cannot understand.

What is the logic of speaking if people can’t understand?

What is the logic of becoming with all due respect to Mr. Shashi Tharoor Imagine Mr. Shashi Tharoor speaking in school and students are not understanding what he’s speaking?

So when I say vocabulary, there is a difference between when you improve your vocabulary for TOEFL for exams, or when you improve your vocabulary to reading.

In public speaking, you have to have the vocabulary, which is enough to communicate your thoughts.

How to develop that kind of vocabulary?

Tell me, we have spent 4 hours, 24 minutes.

Tell me one word, which I have used, which even my child, 14 years old child cannot understand?

You already have many words. Thank you to British people, you already have many words in your vocabulary, but you don’t use it.

So, what I do whenever I see a movie or a documentary film or a web series, there are certain phrases and words, if I like it, I know that if I like it, I write it down. I’d write it down.

Sometimes there’s certain words which are difficult.

I know I’m not going to use it. This is only for my knowledge, but these are the simple words I already have.

So there is a scientific study on this that if you really want to improve vocabulary. So in this study, what they did, they given 10 to 12 words to one group of people and 10 to 12, same words to one group of people.

This group, they said, convert it into a story. This group they said just remember it. Only 13% people remember them.

Almost 92% people, if you watch the series called “Brain Series” on National Geography, are there, that where they extend the study.

So the chances of all the words which you are writing down, easy words not difficult words. Convert into a story you will remember this story for a few days automatically those words will be a part of your vocabulary.

What Is The Importance of Language Fluency in Public Speaking?

No, it’s not about fluency in your language.

It’s not about fluency in your English.

Do this exercise, speak in English, sometimes when two strangers meet, they speak in English and then both are uncomfortable in speaking English but no one is breaking the rule because the moment you break the rule it means you don’t know English.

So, no one is speaking in Hindi or local language, right?

You might have experienced this and even I’ve experienced this, come on, please.

But imagine you’re speaking and you’re expressing something in English and you’re struggling to express shift to your local language sometimes you will find you are still struggling to express. You’re still struggling to express is not about every time language in the fluency of language.

It’s about fluency of your thoughts in your mind. If your thoughts are clear in your mind, language, just a vehicle to deliver that thought ladies and gentlemen.

Thought has to be clear language we can easily improve.

So, it’s not language fluency it’s thought fluency.

How To Bring Back Attention of Audience After A Bad Speaker Has Spoken?

I started like this.

I use the same technique.

Hey, I remember one of the most important learning in public speaking…..

When I say “I remember” I started with a story.

One of the most important learning in public speaking,

“Hey”, he’s sharing something very important from his life.

If the audience is sleeping, someone has to wake up the speaker.

So, I started sharing my learning only into short stories and just giving the message. That’s how I did.

Can We Use 4 Step Public Speaking Method In Addressing Boss / Manager or Only A Mass Audience?

There’s only one technique, which I shared with you, which you should not use when you’re making videos, that is pause and pan, right?

Apart from that, it doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking with customers, bosses, anywhere.

What is four-step method?

First, grab the attention of the audience. At first, are you sure that they’re liking you? That’s what we should do before. So the first ensure that they are liking you.

Second, ensuring that that you’re dragging the attention and telling them that where you’re going to take them “A” to “B”.

Third. ensuring that when you’re delivering the content, your body language and vocal variety is not getting the attention. Your content is getting that attention and ensuring that your content is interesting by adding stories in it.

Fourth, ensuring that you’re ending your content like a King and Queen.

Don’t you feel that when you’re speaking in front of your customer and bosses, you should achieve all of these four objectives? You should.

Only pause and pan when you’re making videos, Don’t use pause and pan but when you’re physical use pauses and pan.

Can You Suggest A Book That Can Change MyLife?

One of the best books I would suggest to you, I will not suggest many, but the one is because this question is very common. So I always keep this book very close to me.

This book is called “Die Empty”.

What do you mean by that? Why in Just 4999, I’m giving everything to you with the promise that I’m not going to ask you money again.

Why? Because I want to die empty in my life. I want a die empty.

I want to give everything. Take boss, everything.

There are so many people who are sleeping and not getting up early in the morning don’t get surprised. This is not call negativity. This is called living excepting the truth. So at any point of time, I want to give my best.

So whether I’m training, I will give my best. whether I’m selling, I will give my best.

Whether I’m doing Q and A I will give. It’s very easy for me to randomly pick questions from Q&A.

Why this is all these making slides and all I want to give my best. So I want to die empty.

The reason I love this book, there is a small one line in this book, speaking group members, those who are already speaking group members you will understand the importance of this.

Now there was a line.

Someone asked the author, Todd Henry’s.

Someone asked the author that, which is the richest land on the planet? Richest land.

So people said the richest land is New York, Dubai, California.

And he said, no, the richest land on the planet is graveyard where you actually bury dead bodies because they’re millions of people, not millions, billions of people who decided to go under the ground with their ideas, values, thoughts there are decided not be implement and they’re under the ground.

So, the ground is full of the graveyard is full of ideas thoughts, suggestions story.

That’s the beauty of this book, die empty speaking group community. You want to die. It’s like give your best.

Speak, speak and grow.

How To Improve Momentum and Enthusiasm While Working On A Skill?

How To Stay Focused Towards Our Goals?

How To Not Be Lazy And Procrastinate?

Why you’re doing this?

As a child if I asked myself that, why did I learn cycling? It is a such a complex skill balancing badly ensuring that I’m not hitting someone. Why did I learn cycling such a complex skill?

The answer to that question was that I started off observing all my friends are playing in that small window when my parents were allowing me to go outside and play, I started observing that all my friends are playing in cycling and I don’t know it.

So my WHY was the biggest, to play with friends, right? Play with friends is the biggest WHY? So my, why was very strong.

Very strong.

I want to play with my friends.

I want to cycle.

Now, why add this that’s the reason the container number one of this workshop was WHY.

Only two reasons.

I learned public speaking. I want people to learn public speaking, professional growth, and credibility otherwise there are millions of people, part of the crowd only.

Stand alone and speak.

Would The Smile, Pause And Pan Technique Make The Audience Eager To Listen?

See understand pause pan.

Pause will drag the attention.

Pan will give this message to people see I’m looking towards you. I’m confident, I’m absorbing the energy.

So up to one extent, yes, it will make spectacle eager to listen also up to one extent. Yes.

How To Have A Pleasant Expression During Public Speaking?

Don’t worry about pleasant expression.

Worry about natural expression.

Natural expression, not pleasant expression.

How To Boost My Confidence?

The only way to boost up your confidence is through something which we have learned.

Every time we lose confidence when we tried to do something, which you have not learned.

Learn the skills, spend time in learning.

How To Answer Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”?

It’s a container theory follow the same theory which I follow today.

At the start only I told you I’m going to call it three points.

The three containers at the start only.

When you’re going for an interview and imagine if your interviewer is asking this question, let’s focus on interview for two minutes.

The interviewer is asking this question, tell me about yourself.

A traditional way of answering that question is my name is X, Y, Z and I’m this and that. All the information which is already there in CV.

A modern way of asking, answering that question is this, “Sir is that okay if I take two minutes to share one incidents from my life, which will tell you who am I, which will describe my personality”.

And I must tell you if you’re going for a good interview, the way you are taking the permission like this you dragged attention. And if you’re really speaking, going for a good interview or senior person, he will definitely allow you to share one incident but can pick that incidence from your life, using the three as method and delivering that incident effectively even that’s a skill, but there’s a modern way.

Another question is, tell me your, imagine you are going for a senior position interview. Interview it’s not always only junior position, senior position interview. And the first thing that you have to do in a senior position interview, you have to describe your work. “What exactly your job profile, current job profile is”.

Sometimes I see people they start, they start explaining the job profile. When you’re starting without telling in an interview where you’re going to end. The interviewer is completely uncertain. Okay, this, you do this or do, where are you going to end? Think about this?

So currently I have three important profile or three important works or three important responsibilities. Let me take one by one.

At the start only you have told, okay, only three simple technique, but very effective in conversation.


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