Relearning A-Z in the School of Life

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“C” is for ….

In school, we learned “C” is for Cat, but in my School of Life, I learned “C” is for “CAMERA”.

Let me share my perspective about what “CAMERA” signifies in my life and I would definitely like to know yours.

So, what exactly is a Camera? I would say a Camera is a device that captures our present and makes it available for us forever.

But how do we define this “Present”?

Present for us would signify our special moments like that of family gatherings or the memories of our adventures or of the delicious cuisines that we enjoy eating.

Of course, we love to treasure these moments. We capture these moments so that we can revisit them in the future. Because these are the moments that bring smiles to our faces, that make us happy.

But these moments that we capture are only for us. We usually do not capture these moments for others. A moment of thought though. Are we really utilizing the full potential of the Camera?

No, we are actually underutilizing this powerful device which is the Camera. Because we use it only for capturing our memories.

So, think about it. Why can’t we capture something important through this camera?

Capture something for the World to see, to learn, that will stay Forever even in our absence.

‘Die Empty’ is a captivating book by Todd Henry.

In this book, there is an instance in which the author asks his family and friends ‘Which according to you is the richest land on the Planet?’

So, allow me to ask you the same question. Which do you think is the richest land?

Every person is sure to mention their favorite places like New York, California, Dubai or some other place from over the world.

But Todd Henry’s reply in this book was truly inspiring.

He said that all these places are beautiful lands but there is only one land that is richest of these all and that is the GRAVEYARD.

Why would Todd Henry say such a thing? The explanation is much more fascinating.

He says that ‘When we are alive, We have so many ideas, but we fail to share those ideas.

We have so many interesting thoughts, but we do not express those thoughts. We have a plethora of Knowledge, but we do not share that knowledge with anyone.

We keep all these ideas, thoughts, and knowledge locked up somewhere deep inside us and never surface them out, we never share these things with anyone.

And when we die, we are buried along with all this content.’

That is the reason why Todd Henry says that the richest land on Planet Earth is the Graveyard.

A graveyard is a place where millions of people are buried underground and with people are buried millions of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge.

Share this information with the world. Die with emptiness inside and not full of knowledge. That’s why Todd Henry’s book is called ‘Die Empty’

There are times when we want to share ideas, we want to speak with our friends or family, but this busy world is restricting the passage of information.

In such circumstances let Camera be the new friend.

We can share our ideas, thoughts, knowledge through the lens of a camera. We can use a Camera to make all this information accessible to each person.

We can share this information that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, even when we are not here on this Planet.

But why should we share our ideas, thoughts, or experiences? What benefit is there in it?

On this note, I would like to share one excerpt from my life.

Once I was having some discussion with an entrepreneur, who was well established and successful both in his professional as well as in his personal life.

But what he said to me was very surprising and shocking. He told me that he was sad in his life and that this sadness was growing each day.

And I questioned him what was wrong with his so perfect life? Why was he so sad?

And his answer was simple but an eye-opener for all.

He said that he had started his business from scratch a decade ago. And in this journey, he collected an immense amount of knowledge.

But now reaching this older stage in life, the grey hair is reminding him that soon there will come a time when he will have to leave this planet.

The knowledge that he accumulated in his lifetime through untiring and unwavering commitment and hard work, will all be gone in vain.

He was sad because he will have to leave this planet along with all this knowledge and this would be like he is insulting all his hard work, knowledge, and experience.

This pushed my wheel of thought.

One day each one of us has to leave this planet, but before that why don’t we empty ourselves of all this knowledge, experience and ideas.

And I found that the easiest way of emptying ourselves of information was by making Camera our friend.

We can archive content, knowledge and experiences in an organized way through this Camera.

Gaining knowledge is the first step to Wisdom. But sharing that knowledge is the first step to Humanity.

When we learn new things in our life, it becomes our responsibility to share that knowledge with the entire world.

And for this we have the Camera.

Use a Camera to capture precious moments but also capture the knowledge, ideas, experiences and make them accessible for the entire world, so that they will be available even in our absence.

In my school of Life, I learned that “C” stands for CAMERA and in your school of life what does “C” stand for…..


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