Relearning A-Z in the school of Life

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In school we learned, “A” for Apple, but in the School of Life, what does “A” stand for?

For me, “A” stands for “Acknowledge”. I would like to share my perspective on why this word is close to my heart. And I hope that this word becomes close to your heart too.

I believe that, we are always in a constant process of becoming something. This becoming is not something related to your professional lifelike becoming a boss, an entrepreneur, a millionaire or a billionaire. Neither is it related to becoming something in your personal life like becoming a good husband, a good wife, a good brother or a good sister or a good person. When talking about becoming something, I am not talking about just becoming that broad or large something.

But I feel that at a certain level, we all are in a constant process of becoming.

Conditioned to become something…

1st day of your school and your teacher might have told you to become a good student, or become good at a particular subject, or your sports teacher might have told you to become a good sports person. There is always a constant nagging behind us to become something. This conditioning to become something is inculcated in us from day 1 of our life.

I remember, as a father, when for the first time I took my child in my hands, it was altogether a different experience. I remember being scared, as babies are so delicate on day 1 and their fragility is very intimidating. Even in all these thoughts, I was still thinking ‘One day you will become a big man’.

Just Becoming…

Are we always in a constant process of becoming something? Is there a problem in this?

Let us understand with one simple example; just few days back when I was working at home, I asked my mom if she could please make a cup of tea for me as I craved for tea that time. She said, yes of course, why not. And then I got busy with my work. My mom gave me a cup of tea. And then later when she came back again, she noticed that the cup of tea was empty, obviously I had finished drinking the tea. That day out of curiosity she asked me ‘So Praveen, how was the tea today?’. I looked at her and kept thinking, how was the tea, as I couldn’t remember the taste of the tea. Usually, to complete a conversation we end up saying, yes it was nice, very good. But that day I genuinely asked myself, ‘do I really remember how the tea tasted?’ and when I know that my mom makes a perfectly balanced tea which any one can enjoy. I actually did not remember the taste of the tea and also, I couldn’t recollect drinking the tea either. This happened because when I was drinking the tea, I was so engrossed in my work, thinking about completely different things. And I was not physically active when doing that work, I was just in the process of thinking and only thinking about the work.

This thinking usually, is all about what we want to become. This thinking about, ‘I want to do this’ or ‘I want to do that’, is the constant process of becoming. In this process of thinking, I failed to acknowledge the thing that was in my hand i.e. Tea, which was worth enjoying.

Acknowledge the NOW…

Are you acknowledging what you have in your hand? Or are you just busy thinking about becoming something?

Because when we say, ‘I want to become something’, thatis a thought. And thought implies Time. Thought means thinking about the past or the future and that we not present NOW. And we are not acknowledging the present, because we want to become Something.

Are you busy in becoming something? If the answer is Yes, then you might not be acknowledging what you hold in your present NOW.

A research by Harvard University states that a normal person remains busy in his thoughts 47% of his daily time. This means that half the time of our life we are just busy thinking and becoming something.

When will we acknowledge the present?

Because Life is NOW, not before or after 5 seconds.

Remember, Life is NOW. And NOW is always Beautiful and Powerful and always full of Energy, but only if you acknowledge NOW,which is the present.

Can we remove the burden of our past and our future? Can we remove this burden of continuously becoming something and enjoy what we have right NOW? Can we Acknowledge what we have right NOW?

The best gift we have is the one that we have in our hands right Now, the most underestimated thing on Earth which is This Moment.

We are so busy in becoming something, that when we understand the power of NOW, we will understand that, NOW is limitless.

So, can you Acknowledge NOW and the limitless possibilities of NOW?

In my school of Life, I learned that “A” stands for ACKNOWLEDGE and in your school of life what does “A” stand for…..


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