Remember to Share your Story without hesitation

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Do you like sharing your life stories? But do you also think too much about what people might think after listening to your story?

Many people think that a person shares his story only because he wants sympathy for what is happening in his life.

But is this true? Why would someone share their story to gain sympathy?

All this is a false notion.

Then why do people actually like sharing their life stories? Why would they want you to know what has happened in their lives?

The reason is very simple.

Because in stories there are learnings. These are experiences that have teachings that help shape lives.

These experiences are like oxygen, that help revive lives.

Someone else’s stories and experiences are the guiding light that can give accurate directions for following a righteous path.

Your life stories can better another person’s life.

Similarities in life instances help people live happy and healthy lives.

Knowing that we are not alone experiencing something in life, gives a new spark to a person for being happy.

Just like an experience or incident can have a huge impact on our lives.

This same experience can impact the lives of others in a better way. This can make someone’s life happy and content.

Your ordinary life experience can have an extraordinary impact on another person’s life. These stories are an amalgamation of success and struggle

They portray your struggles which were the stepping stones for your achievements and your success.

Sharing stories is also a great means of connecting with different people. It can help build strong communication between people.

Each person’s story is valuable and powerful. Because each story impacts a life one way or the other.

Staying in the fear that your story is boring or that nobody will care what you say, will not gain you anything.

Speak up. Talk about your story, your experiences. It will benefit a life.

There is a famous saying “Being vulnerable makes you more relatable”. Personal stories are vulnerable and they can have a lasting effect on each person’s life.

But we must remember certain important things when sharing our stories. What exactly to share? How much to share? And never to Overshare.

Share your personal experiences and stories but do not share what is not relatable. Remember the large grey space between personal and private.

In the hopes of sharing a vulnerable story, do not cross the line of sharing stories that are private to you. Do not overshare your life stories.

But also, do not hesitate to share your story as it can help better someone else’s life.

You may not have an awe-inspiring story to tell, but your story holds power.

The power that can shape a person’s life.

Power to give oxygen to a life that is suffocating.

Power to be the lighthouse for a life that is drifting through rough seas.

Stories are Experiences spoken through Words. And these words have Power. Power to heal.

So, remember, do not sympathize with someone else’s life story, but empathize with that story.

Because a life story always talks about experiences.


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