Should We Respect ALL Doctors ?

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Public Speaking | 6 comments

Sometimes I really get puzzled, when people say this that we should respect medical community. All the doctors, all the nurses, all the paramedical staff, we should respect medical community.

And I feel that what is the logic of respecting one community? Because like any other community, we have good people and bad people.

Now COVID-19 is a perfect example to analyze this. We have few good doctors who are really risking their life and helping and treating COVID patients. And the same time we have few doctors and we know they have closed their windows. They have closed their doors. They are not opening their clinic. Forget the going to a government clinic and government hospitals, because there are really lack of doctors there. They’re not even considering going there, but they’re not even opening their own clinics, they’re saving their own life.

So, if you’re a doctor, your primary responsibility is of course, to save life. Now in the light of this, if you’re not doing your primary responsibility and we should consider you just good because you belong to that community is absolutely unfair.

So, like any other community, we have good doctors. We have bad doctors. So, if you are a good doctor, we respect. If you’re a bad doctor, don’t expect respect from us.

We think all the doctors or entire doctor community is good is as good as saying that Pakistan is good or bad. One country can’t good or bad. There are some good people in that country. There are some bad people in that country.

Are we saying that Muslims are good or bad? One community can be good or bad. There are some good Muslim. There are some good, bad Muslim, just like Hindu.

So, our understanding of seeing community good or bad, it’s beyond my understanding.

What’s your views on this? What do you think about it?


  1. Dhiraj

    We belive Dr. Is important factor of our society, but today’s quality very worst, no emotions, no caring, no permiability with patient and there family and just they want make money at any situation. In short i would like to say, not all but max dr. Are socialy accepted & gov protected thief.

  2. Shekhar Khobrekar

    First of all,Doctors are human beings first and Doctors afterwards.It is not hard and fast rule that all the Doctors need to be brave,and just coz a few Doctors are not brave,you cannot tarnish the entire fraternity.So whether a Doctor is good or less good,we all have to respect him as a human being first and as a Doctor second.

  3. Aruna

    Yes you are right. There are Good and Bad doctors. But now many have to risk there lifes and life of family and also face the people who are fearful, stressed with low energies managing there own fears and insecurities.
    Yes there are doctors who are not doing there duties but there are doctors who are giving extra hours for the sake of humanity.

  4. Sushil Bansal

    You have touched a very valid point. Just wish to add that when we talk about good or bad in pretext of Hindu or Muslim, we should also realize that most of the Muslims (I repeat most of them) have the same mentality which bends towards the B** factors. In contrast, when we talk about Hindus there may be few B** but is pretty less and negligible. Thought this should be seen in the right perspective, hence this comment. Thanks & Regards, Sushil Bansal, Bangalore.

  5. Dr Mahesh Gupta

    Needless to say, good and bad can be found in every profession and community.
    However, expecting services from doctors and also commenting that they should not make money, is unfair.
    Everyone should make money and they alone can decide how much they deserve. If the client feels it is more, he moves away and natural correction will happen in times to come.

  6. Vivek Hattangadi

    Those doctors who say “Patients first, everything next” should be respected.

    Those doctors who say “Money first, everything next” should NOT be respected


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