Social Media and Loneliness

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 6 comments

Now loneliness could be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes per day for your body. 

Sitting Alone Vs Feeling Lonely

There’s a difference between sitting lonely and feeling lonely. These are two different things. 

As a solo traveler I love to be alone, but one can feel lonely in the class, one can feel lonely in the crowd and one can feel lonely even in marriages. 

And today, one of the most common reasons why people are feeling lonely is social media. 

There are so many studies, documentations, so many stories, because of social media people are feeling lonely, but why? 

Social media is designed to connect people, right?. 

Why is social media drifting people away from each other? 

Answer to this question is very simple. Social media is powerful. 

And is so powerful that it can create a huge impact on your mental health and that can lead to loneliness. 

Let me give you a few examples. 

The first way how social media can impact your mental health is, it really takes your ability to stay in the moment. 

Experience At Dubai Mall

Yesterday I was in Dubai Mall. It is a beautiful underwater zoo and I was observing people. I just told you that I just observed people and I saw this beautiful jellyfish. I saw one lady come inside the mall and as soon as she saw this, she shouted, wow. And the very next moment she took the mobile, clicked the photo, took one selfie, took the video, and left. She didn’t observe this beautiful jellyfish even for 30 seconds through her naked eyes. 

There are studies indicating that people who live in the moment, stay much happier than those don’t. 

Selfies Hurting Us?

The second reason why social media can impact your mental health is something which is called selfies. Imagine for a moment I’ve taken a selfie now, and what is the background thought coming in my mind? The background dialogue going in my mind is, okay now I am taking a selfie, I’m going to put this on social media, people will like it.

Now this is exactly, most of the time when we take selfies, this thought goes in our mind. 

But it’s not a selfie, it’s Sell Free. We are actually selling those images free, on social media. 

But it’s not free, because people will start putting value to it and the currency they use is likes, comments, and when you get less likes you feel unhappy and you get more like you feel happy. 

Should We Give People The Power?

But exactly what you are doing, you are giving someone else power to decide your worth, and when you get less valuation you feel unhappy and when you feel unhappy it affects your mental health. 

The third reason why social media can impact your mental health is self-doubt because there is always another part of the coin in the case of selfies.

What They Say, Says a Lot

Imagine if I am putting this selfie on Facebook. People will say— Many of my friends will say “Wow Praveen, you are speaking on TEDx. Very nice, it is the fourth time you’re speaking”, but few of them will say, “come on, how can you do this? He failed the 9th standard, I worked so well in the office compared to him. Is something wrong in me?” 

He will start doubting himself because most of the time we applaud the key moments on social media. And when you start doubting your own potential, that’s how it affects your mental health. 

Then why should you use social media? Exactly, this is the question which we have to answer. 

Why should we use social media? 

Tell me.



    It true to the core, social media is causing lots of trouble in one’s life.
    Instead of connecting people it is leaving people alone and making people unhappy who other wise would have been happy enjoying the current moment.

  2. Tripati Patro

    Social Media can be used for marketing your products, learn speaking skills or training skills etc as you have the audience where your practice is freely done.
    And you are doing research on certain topics to get various perspectives and inputs from people before you plan something new.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂


    Wonderful question Praveen which I like to share my view.

    Why i use social media?

    There are many social media platforms in the market but I will share how i use it.

    1)Whatsapp :(60% of the time of whole social media usage)

    *For getting relevant information, from friends, club members, families, and relatives.

    *Having casual conversations with people who are around.

    *Scrolling through the status of selective people to get aware of what’s happening in their life.

    2)Linkedin :(30% of the time of whole social media usage)

    *To grow personally and professionally by staying connected with people from my industry and with influencers like you.

    *Then, Feed content which helps me to gain perspective.

    *Here, i not only consume content, Couple of months back I started sharing my experiences in the way of posting content. My writing journey began there which i dreamt for years.

    3)Instagram – To time pass, feed some content that might be posted by friends, the page which i follow.(10% of the time of whole social media usage).

    Overall my perspective on using social media is
    1)To get aware of what’s happening in people life as we are staying away from each other,
    2)To do passive consumption intentionally,
    3)To make active participation by sharing content from our side as well.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your honest thoughts 🙂


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