Do Only Technical Skills Solve Problems In Someone’s Life?

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How Can I Focus On The Content

So, you are suggesting that webinars and promotion can outsource?

I’m recommending that. The only thing which I do as a trainer is this. Every Thursday, 7:00 PM, I come and go live teach people how to make videos. Every Saturday, 11:00 AM I come, I go live teach people about e-learning business. Every Sunday, 11:00 AM I go live and teach people, public speaking skills. Rest everything. I don’t care about emails, SMS. You might have received an email. I have no role there. Everything has to manage because unless, and until I don’t delegate that to my team, how can I focus on the content? I have to focus on my training content.

Not whether emails have gone or not. I don’t do all that. And that is exactly what I do with the freedom training programs also. In just 299 those you have entered. You have to focus only on content. The email. SMS reminders, even all your invitation to other speak and grow members. Webinars, click funnel landing page. Zoom paid account of zoom. If you’re paying 3000 rupees even if you buy the paid account of zoom, you have to pay thousands of rupees. Even if you make up 500 or 600, 500 rupees, 500 webinars, if you’re doing a webinar with 500 people.15 to 20,000 you have to pay there, but I’m giving you just two thousand rupees. If you know, you have to understand now those smart people who have already understood they are already the part of the speak and grow community. So, I strongly suggesting that yes, as a trainer focus on your content.

When You Teach Guitar, You Are Not Solving The Problems In Life?

Hi, Praveen. You say that find some problem. I solve in my life. Well, I am an artist. I create art. It does not solve any problem in my life, but I can create online courses for others. What I am missing here, please? It is not like that. That you’re not solving problem. See… I do not know what art you have. Imagine for a moment guitar. Don’t you feel, when you teach guitar, you are solving the problems in life? Don’t you feel that, it’s like music is, music can solve. See, if, let me read this, it doesn’t solve any problem. No, I am slightly upset when you said that. So as an artist, you’re saying that whatever you have, that is not, that’s not giving you pleasure. That’s not giving you happiness. So as an artist if that is giving you happiness and pleasure, happiness and pleasure it means, the problem is solved.

The same art when you will teach to other people, it will give happiness, not everyone is looking for technical skill. There are certain soft skills; there are people who are looking for to learn how to play bansuri. Well, that gives you pleasure, happiness. So you have to respect your art, indirectly you’re disrespecting your art if you’re saying it’s not solved the problem, this solved the problem. But maybe you’re not looking like that towards it. You have to develop that mindset towards it. So the first mindset as an artist you have to create is this. Don’t try to teach your art only to those people who are interested in it. If you consider public speaking as an art; if I start teaching only those people who are interested in public speaking, I must tell you, I’m sorry to say that lots of people are not interested in public speaking.

If public speaking is art, my responsibility too is to raise awareness about public speaking. One of the key reasons why we have reached where we have reached, because my whole effort is on that only, that the question whether you are interested or not interested in public speaking is a fundamentally incorrect question. You have to learn how to speak. Then you have to consider that this art, even if you are painting, if you are so obsessed, if you are so passionate about your painting, then you should feel that everyone on the planet should learn painting. You have to raise awareness about you art. So I’m slightly upset when you said that it doesn’t solve any problem. It solves many problems sir. Don’t look towards your skill like this.

What’s The Point Of Creating Online Courses Because It’s Available Free On YouTube?

If one creates videos and uploads on YouTube, what’s the point of creating online courses because it’s available free on YouTube?

Very common question. Very common question.

Imagine saying I’m saying this when I started making videos or online courses on public speaking, I made so many videos on public speaking. So many people already made online course on public speaking. What is the sense in making one more online course who will buy it?

Thing is, you saying this is you disrespecting yourself. I’m taking the Liberty that just, maybe you’re just in your twenties, maybe you’re in your twenties; I am taking that Liberty. If you are in thirties and forties, and still you’re saying that, then I’m feeling sad for you, because you saying this you’re disrespecting your own content, you’re disrespecting your own value. You are saying this, whatever skill I have, the world is better than me.

Pick any skill. You should have your unique perspective. Take public speaking four step is my unique perspective. Take business storytelling three step, three as a matter of business storytelling, my perspective.

The machine, which I have shared with you today, what is three raw material? What is three machine parts? What are the three outputs? My perspective. There are so many people who are teaching public speaking. There are so many people who are teaching storytelling. There are so many people who are teaching also e-learning.

Everyone has their own perspective. You can become rich. When I say rich, not only by money rich in your life, by thinking only when you start respecting your own content and perspective.

So when you say this in indirectly you’re saying that probably I don’t have which is worth buying, I don’t have which is worth watching. Don’t do that with yourself.

How Do You Handle Facebook And Other Social Media Ads, Money Spent And Earnings

How do you handle FB and other social media ads, money spent and earning, how to enroll.

Ad optimization. First, I’m the last person to tell you how, because I don’t handle my ads. I have a team to handle that. But I have a firsthand, knowledge of that so let me tell you that firsthand knowledge.

The key here is called cost per lead. Whatever you are selling, the key here is cost per lead. Everything has a cost per lead. What do you mean by that? If you are selling your book, ebook, even it is free. Download ebook, download ebook. How much money you have to spend to get one download it’s called cost per lead. For everything the cost per leads are defined.

What do you mean by define, the global standards. Of course, they’re exceptional. There are few people are doing extremely good. The people who are doing extremely bad. So for even if you’re spending and your cost per lead is around one rupees, two rupees, it’s a good cost per lead. For free live webinars the cost per lead should be around 15 to 20 rupees. What do you mean by that? Every 15 to 20 rupees I spend on Facebook, at least one person should join, register for free live webinars, but mine is five rupees, four to five rupees, but I’ve worked hard towards it. But 15 to 20 rupees is good.

For paid live webinar, for example, these are the paid live webinars. Now two triple line is something which you have paid. Even if my cost per lead is 299 still, it is profitable because that I’m meeting people and whatever you have bought, hundreds of people have bought today. Whatever people have bought, it’s all profit because whatever money which I had spent on ad, you have only given it back to me. You have only give it back to me; 299 you have spent, but I got the 299 back I spent, but I’ve got it back. But my cost per lead for, even for paid, is a hundred rupees. What do you mean by that? Even on tickets, when I spend a hundred rupees I earn 200. So even before I start live webinars like this, I’ve already profit.

And this is exactly what I want people to learn when they become a part of speaking to the community. So I cannot tell you how ladies and gentlemen, but I can easily tell you that these are the few learnings that I have learned.

When you are hiring someone, keep an eye on your cost for lead.


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