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If Topic Has To Be Spoken Then From Where Can The Resource Taken From?

If the topic has to be spoken then from where can the resource would take from? See if you’re asking me this question, that Praveen, if you have a topic and from where I should take the content, that two ways either research or look inside. So when I said, do not give up that message, I can share the stories of many people. There are many far better stories than my story but they have not given up there in life. I can share their stories. So either research or find insight. So, I think there are only two ways.

Do We Need Fancy Words to Attract Public Speaking During Talking?

No, as I told you, if you are using jargons and if people are not understanding what you are speaking, that is the worst thing you can do on the stage speaking and people are understanding. So, the precise answer question, we do not need jargons and fancy words.

I Hesitate And I End Up Asking Question To Speak Up Postnatally. Is That Right Attitude?

Sometimes I feel my question is irrelevant to other person, though it is definitely related to subject and it’s dragging time. So I hesitate and I end up asking question to speak up postnatally. Is that right attitude? Just curious to know your thoughts on this being speaker and also as an audience. Very good question. Let me answer two questions by answering this one question. Another question which I will answer by answering this question is imagine you have given the presentation. How do you evaluate whether you have spoken well or not? How do you evaluate? So when I gave my TEDxTalk someone watching me disease, I remember this because I got this in this talk, I got the standing ovation in the middle of the talk. Someone watching me disease is nothing but many things in life we do not do because what people will say. We hesitate to do. So example, you are hesitating to say or asking questions because what people will say, right? So what happened, ladies and gentlemen, whenever I give speeches or presentation, I stop after the presentation and I see what people are coming to me or not. If people are not even coming to me that I’ve spoken very bad because I’ve not even broken that barrier between audience and me. So let’s stop and wait. If they’re coming to me and they’re saying, Praveen your body language and vocal variety was so good. What kind of feedback? The way you are moving, your energy level. Your this and that was so good. It means I have not done well, not done well because I was not there to show my body language and vocal variety. If they are coming to me and they’re saying Praveen, you know what? When you were sharing that story, I remember that and they start giving feedback to you, which is connected to your feedbacks.

So, when I started sharing that, when I decided to marry a Buddhist girl and my parents are no, no, no and I thought what people will say, what I did. Or when I decided to live a very healthy job, but I was owning more than 20 lags and people, what people will say, Hey, are you crazy or what? So when I was sharing all this story, people started coming to me and say, Praveen even I have stories that I said, no, I have not done that. Okay, okay I have time today, if people come and share the stories. But when people come to me and they say something like this, which happened that day in my, someone watching me disease, TEDxTalk. Someone came to me and he says exactly what you said, you, when you have hidden your name, you have not decided to show your name also. He said, this Praveen, you know what? I have attended many sessions like this, many talks like this. And after the talk, I used to see that people are going to speakers and they’re talking to speakers and asking questions. And I used to feel that, Hey, I should not go. I’m not confident. Why I should waste the time of that speaker but first time Praveen I decided to go. First time he said Praveen, I went to all the speakers. That is the current. When you said, change life, not the life. At least for that moment, I could change. That is called current. That is called yes. You might have spoken well that. That’s answer to these two questions ladies and gentlemen.

Do We Need To Become Successful First Before We Speak Publicly, Write A Book Or Create Content That Is Inspiring Or Motivating?

Because I was laughing is naturally when crying is natural. Do we need to become successful first before we speak publicly, write a book or create content that is inspiring or motivating. Please answer very important for me. I’m successful, but the problem is X, Y, Z, and only one who knows that I am an inventor and an entrepreneur. See understand ladies and gentlemen, how to build credibility on social media? If you’re a part of speak and grow, community. Do not worry, you will learn that when you attend the three hours of workshop on e-learning. VD, we go deep. We create a three months plan for each and every speak and grow community member that within three months, how to build credibility on social media. But yes, it is required and even to public, even to write a book is very simple you don’t have to write, if you’re writing a first book and in the process of writing my third book. First book, I’ve written within seven days. Second book I took on one to two months. Third book is almost a year now. It’s almost one year I’ve been writing that book, right? So even in book, so it’s an easy way also to write a book and a difficult way also to write a book. But yes, if I have to be very precise to your question, you have to build credibility on social media if you want people to take you seriously.

How To Handle The Question From The Audience, For Which You Are Not Certain About?

That’s a very good question. Very good question. There are two types of people on this planet. When you are in the situation where you don’t know the answer, someone is asking the question, don’t know the answer. There are two types of people. One, they have a habit of answering all the questions and they say, let me try. At least I will try or second, they say, I don’t know the answer. Now what is the problem here and what is the advantage here? Understand that very carefully. The problem here is this, if you do this again and again and again, and again, it becomes your habit. So, imagine a team leader, and he has a team of four to five people in that team there is one person who has a habit of giving all the answers every time but as a leader, he knows that sometimes he’s right. Sometimes he’s wrong. Sometimes he’s right. Sometimes he’s wrong. How can that leader trust that person? If you have a habit of answering all the question indirectly, you are telling that don’t trust me even I don’t know when I’m right or when I’m wrong, don’t do that. What is the advantage you get when you answer only when, you know? So, example, take my relationship with my son. My son is aware If he’s asking something to Papa, Papa no papa answer papa. Papa doesn’t the answer. So, every time and when I answer, I know he’s going to trust me. So, if I say that, carbonated drinks are not good for you. He knows that Papa is saying this. Papa, Papa must be saying, I trust papa because he knows the answer nobody knows. That’s the reason ladies and gentleman don’t try to answer in case you don’t know and say, I don’t know.

One Should Have Good Memory To Be Successful Speaker, What’s Your Take On This? How To Increase Memory?

Do you have any techniques? Sir, you do not need good memory. My memory is so bad I don’t know what is today’s date. Yes. Sometimes I really get confused in which year we are in. So I’m not good at memory. You do not need memory to be good in public speaking. You know what you need? You need 2 things in public speaking. First, the content. You need the good content. Content you can learn only when you work hard in your life, work hard in your life automatically. You struggle in your life you’ll find stories. First content. Second, you need the techniques and methods to deliver that content, which we learn in speak and grow. These two things are required.


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