Stage Fear Is Not The Issue

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Question & Answer | 0 comments

How Can I Approach Any Institute Or Company For Public Speaking?

That’s a difficult question to answer, because it depends. It depends. It depends on which company.

It is very difficult to answer that question?

How To Start Presentation? How To End A Presentation?

Stage fear is not the issue. However, I can’t form stories or content to speak, especially when it’s impromptu. Language, the content to speak is the issue.

Sir, if you say stage fear is not the issue. Then good, congratulations. You are among those people who feel that I do not feel fear when I’m in front of people. Congratulation. But irrespective of that, that’s a good point you have.

Irrespective of that, 3S method of business storytelling. How to start presentation? How to end a presentation? If your English is not good, improving English. Even that is important, right? That’s your job. That’s a skill and technique you have to learn.

Just because you don’t get scared in front of people, that doesn’t give you license. It doesn’t give you a license to speak effectively in front of people. You have to learn techniques and methods.


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