Stories Are Not Only For Time Pass…

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Sometimes people feel that stories are only for entertainment, or only for kids, or only for time to pass. Understand.

As a student of storytelling, I must tell you stories are so powerful if you’re using them effectively, you can use stories to strengthen the relationship with your family members. How? let’s understand that. So we have one story ritual.

Our Family Ritual

All the family members have to go out once a month, maybe to a restaurant bar, not at home. So in case, if you’re living with your dad, mom, husband, wife, kids, brother, sister, all the family members living together, will have to go out. So we go out every month, outside.

And in that meeting, or at that point of time, when we are outside, everyone has only one responsibility, only one. You have to share one story from your life for the last 30 days. What do you mean by that? Something which has happened in your life for the first time? Maybe the feeling with incidents? Maybe the event? What do you have never felt like that experienced it? Witnessed that in your life.

Yardstick To Find A Story

That’s the simple yardstick to find the correct story or the simplest way to find the correct story for that particular location. Let me share two examples, it will help you to understand. Number one, just recently in that ritual. My son is 14 years old, he shared this story. He said that if you remember a few days ago, I went to a mall. And then we went four friends together, we went to play that bounce. There’s something called bounce where people just jump get a jump. And the online ticket on their website was around 300 rupees. So I took around 600 rupees or 300 rupees for the ticket and the trailer was waiting.

But when we reached there, it was around 500 rupees. So we decided to play. And then he called me, I still remember that call. He called me said Dad, this is a problem on the website is 300 is not 500. Now we don’t have money to eat. And I said what about your other friends? And he said even they don’t have any money to eat because kids normally the key very calculated amount of money whenever they go out.

So he said, dad please do me a favor. We are going to one restaurant that accepts Paytm will you just pay by Paytm. I thought about it and I said no. And he said dad when you said no, I didn’t feel bad about it. That I know.

My son doesn’t feel bad about all this. Because if I’m saying no to him, he knows that Papa must have thought about it. And taken the decision after thinking. He wouldn’t say NO abruptly.

So he said that okay, accepted. Now, what happened after that? I wasn’t aware of it. Or at least I wasn’t aware of the feeling behind that situation.

So in this story, ritual occasion, he said that you know what happened that day then, we all four friends sat down. And then we decided to calculate how much money we have. So we found we have around 350 rupees. So we decided to go to KFC.

And even before we decided to stand in that queue earlier whenever I used to stand in the queue, and just see that dashboard, what to eat, what not to eat, I never used to see how much never used to see that column only how much but this time we are calculating it.

So we sat down, discussed and then decided that we will buy only this and we had a good matured healthy discussion on that. And after that when we bought and when I was eating that, that was tasting something different and it was good. Nice. The same thing which I normally eat at KFC.

So the first time I felt that you know when you do something like this when you’re actually thinking when you’re buying and you’re investing your time to make the buying decision, then the output is slightly different. Even the product is the same but the output of the feeling is slightly different.

Stories That Give Life Lessons

It’s very difficult to extract these kinds of stories from your family members. When life is so busy. Or when we are stuck in the daily ritual of our life. Coming home, starting TV not able to say or maybe we don’t enter in that mode of telling stories, but this ritual will help you.

Let me tell you one more story and that it will help you to understand how to pick stories from your life when you are going to execute this ritual. This story I shared one day in the same ritual. It was Sunday and my wife was in mountains. She loves mountains she’s HMS certified mountaineer.

And my son invited all his good friends home. And he said, requested that my friends are coming, will you take care of Zeki? Zeki my dog, because Zeki will never allow them to play, he is so excited whenever he sees new people at home and they have some knowledge that day, my son they had some good plans to play and he said, dad please take care of Zeki, I said okay, so we decided to keep Zeki at his trainer’s home. His trainer, loved Zeki because I was not available that day.

In the evening, I had one live webinar. So I was very tired. So I was supposed to pick Zeki from the trainer’s home in the evening only but I was so tired. I said no, I will go tomorrow morning only. So I informed my trainer that I’m coming tomorrow morning. He said absolutely okay.

In the evening, or maybe late night around 9- 9:30, I was just thinking about this. I said, my wife is in the mountain she’s enjoying. My son said Dad, I’m very tired today, I’m sleeping early. I said okay, please go ahead. I was alone. And I said she has her life he has no his life. I’m living my life.

For the first time in my life, I missed Zeki see missing someone is very difficult or very rare, at least for me. Because I believe in independence. I believe that you’re a different person. I’m a different person. But people are okay, I can understand people have that acumen, that understanding of life. They are busy in their life.

But for us, we have the entire world for Zeki, I am his world and I said why is he here, why he’s not there the way he has to be with me right now. So I started missing him.

And then the next day, early in the morning, the first thing I did, I decided to go and I decided to pick him up.

When I shared this story with my family, man for the first time they came to know what kind of relationship I have with Zeki. It is very difficult to express this kind of relationship. You might say that I love my dog this and that. But stories will actually put the correct meaning behind these big words love respect.

So ladies and gentlemen, understand stories are not only for kids, it’s not only for entertainment or time pass. If you’re a part of speak and grow, this you should do.

Now you are learning how to speak, you’re learning how to express and this ritual in your family. And make sure every month if you’re doing this, make a video and share with more than 13,000 members now. What is your experience if possible?

If you have the consent of your family member, you can share that story because I have the consent of my son that yes, I can share that story with the world.

So if possible, share a few stories because as per Harvard University, the only way to live healthy and productive life is to have good relationships. The stories can help you to build good relationships.

This is Praveen signing out until we meet again.


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