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Whenever we develop new skills in our life, we have to learn new techniques and methods.

And every time when our body is doing or we are doing something new for the first time we become a little uncomfortable, which is very natural.

I remember when I started learning how to drive I was uncomfortable on day one. Swimming uncomfortable inside the water in applying those techniques and new methods.

But there is something else ladies and gentlemen, I understand techniques and methods are also very important. But apart from techniques and methods, there is one thing which is I would say equally important. That’s the reason sometimes in the class all 30 people, all 30 students, have exposure to the same trainer, same techniques and methods but all try to get different results. Why?

Effective Video Making Technique

Understand that with the help of this simple example. Imagine A, B and C, all three decide that they want to learn how to make videos from D.

D is a student of communication.

D is making lots of videos.

So A, B, C, they go to D and they say, “Hey D, can you share one technique with us, which will help us to make good videos?”

A, B, C never made good videos, never made videos rather, but they are doing good in their life. They are skillful, intellectual, they have wisdom, they have knowledge.

Now, D says, “Okay. You want to make videos? I will share one technique with you, it is called Power of Three.”

They say, “What do you mean by that?”

So D says, “If you really want to convince someone, want to pursue it or you want to make sure that people are understanding your message via your video, three points are enough. Three points are very powerful. It’s called Power of Three. It has been proven. Four is more than enough, two is less than. Three are enough.

So you decide, you all three are intellectual people, you all three have skills, you all three are expert in one subject. You decide. Close your eyes and ask yourself three points, which you want to share with the world and just share those three points via video.

And after some time once you are done with that video, publish that video on social media. After some time come to me and share the response. And then I will share with you one more thing, which is required to a make good video, which is more important than technique.”

They said, “Okay.”

So then all three decided to go back they applied the Power of Three technique. All three, A, B, C and they made a video and they published the video on social media.

Now after few days as told by D, they were supposed to come back, so they came back.

And even before they meet D they decided to discuss internally and they were very unhappy.

They were very unhappy because A said, “I used the Power of Three technique, but the response which I got for video is an average response.”

B said, “Very good response.”

And C said,” I got excellent response.”

But they said we all used the same technique, Power of Three. But this is not possible? The same technique but different responses.

So they went to D and they asked, “Hey D, there’s something wrong in this technique, if the technique is so powerful then we all should have gotten the same response.”

D looked towards A, B, C and D said, first D asked one question to A,

“Now tell me when you are applying this Power of Three technique. You must have decided to pick three messages, three points from your life. Tell me when you close your eyes how you picked those three points?” A said, “I am expert in this subject. I have a lot of knowledge, a lot of wisdom. Picking three things from that immense knowledge and wisdom was not difficult for me. It was very easy. So I quickly picked three points and I made the video and share with the world.” D said, “Okay”.

Then D asked B tell me, “What was going in your mind when you closed your eyes?” So B said, “I have expertise on this subject. I have knowledge. I have wisdom. So I thought there are so many things which I can share with the world. So I have to very careful in picking three things only. So I picked three things very carefully and these are the three things which are the three best benefits I have received from this knowledge from this wisdom in which I’ve acquired a lot of hard work and dedication. So I shared three benefits which I have received because of this knowledge and wisdom.” D said, “Okay.”

Then D look towards C and he asked C, “So what was going in your mind?” He said, “When I close my eyes? I said yes. I’m an expert. I have knowledge wisdom on this subject. And because I have too many things I have to be very careful. So I thought let me pick very carefully three points, these points if I share with people, even people can learn the same skill so they can get the same benefits, which I have got from the same skill and that was going in my mind,” he said.

Intention Decides The Response

Now D said, “You all applied the same technique, Power of Three, but the intention of applying the technique was varied from person to person. The intention has decided the response, not the technique. Now intention here was with A just to share. Okay. I have many things I’m just sharing.

So he was just sharing. Intention of B maybe sometimes, it is very important for you to beat your chest that hey I have achieved this because somewhere you hidden object is to tell people if I can achieve then you can achieve sometimes. Or sometimes you intentionally just want to tell the world where I am right now.

That’s why many times people they write the number one or best-selling author. If you have genuinely reached there I think it’s your responsibility to share with the world. That’s news.

If you are number one validated by a good source, that’s a news, you should share with the world.

But if you’re writing a book and next day you become best-selling author, then you have to ask yourself. Is it worth sharing that with the world?

So sometimes when you use videos only for publicity, you will get a good response because they are always a few people will like will appreciate okay he or she has done well.

But maybe just think of the excellent response in this case because the intention of C was this, okay, let me use video to share with the world how they can achieve what I have achieved in my life. So the intention is for the public and we make videos.

We don’t make videos for us, we make videos for the public.

So even in video making, if you consider video making as a skill, even in video making techniques are important. I’m not at all denying the importance of techniques. It is like if you don’t know how to swim, the techniques and methods, you can’t swim.

If you don’t know the techniques and methods of public speaking, video making you can’t make videos.

You can’t speak effectively. But unless and until your intention is not correct. Then maybe you are applying the correct technique, but you will not receive the responses which are expecting from that skill.

So ladies and gentlemen, take any skill in your life. Yes. We have to learn the techniques and methods. But take care of your intention if you really want to enjoy a desirable results in your life.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.



    Good point for reflection. Thanks a lot.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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