Test: Are You Multitasking?

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Public Speaking | 1 comment

It’s very easy to understand what we mean by multitasking, especially in the light of this lock down where many of us are spending time in kitchen, irrespective of gender.

It’s very easy to understand, just observe your mother. The way she works in kitchen is a classical example of multitasking.

Imagine she is standing in front of gas and she’s cooking something. And suddenly she realizes that she has to put something in microwave for five minutes. So, what she will do, she will take that something, open the door of microwave, put that inside, close the door, set the time for five minutes and what she will do after that?

Whether she will stand in front of microwave for five minutes, doing nothing, just gazing and looking towards microwave, or she comes back maybe in front of gas again, and she does something productive. Even could be something like flipping that roti or doing something.

But even in those five minutes, she’s doing something productive that is called multitasking.

Now imagine that you’re sitting in front of your laptop or computer, and then you want to transfer one file from one folder to another folder. What you will do, you will just open that folder, copy the file and open another folder, paste the file. And a sudden you see a pop up in front of you. It will take five minutes. What you do in those five minutes, you just look towards the computer, you think about something, you start chit chatting, you go for a coffee break or small break. What you do in those five minutes?

Or Will you come back to some other work, something that you have started wanting to finish or something that you want to start doing something productive. If you’re doing something productive in those five minutes, it means just like your mother even you are doing multitasking at work. 

You are investing each and every minute to do something productive, but we need to understand the simple thing that why your mother doing multitasking or my mother doing multitasking and why she’s so productive in kitchen because she loves cooking. She likes that.

So, when you love something, you automatically invest each and every minute to do something productive in case we don’t love, then it’s very difficult to stay productive.

So next time when you’re taking a break or next time when the popup is there in front of your five minutes, ask yourself. Maybe the answer to that question will help you to understand are doing something which your love or not.

1 Comment

  1. Utpal Datta

    In such 5 minutes of time, while I am in front of my laptop, I simply logged in the praveen…com and listen the podcasts.


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