The Best Book To Learn Public Speaking

by | Nov 1, 2020 | Public Speaking | 9 comments

As a student of communication, if you ask me that Praveen, which is one of the best books you have read on public speaking, the answer to that question would be this ‘Die Empty by Todd Henry.

Now, this book has nothing to do with public speaking directly, but a lot to do with public speaking skills indirectly if you understand the essence of this book.

Let me share one small incident from that book, which will help you to understand which will help me to put this point in the correct context.

Author asked one question to a few people which is the richest land on the planet. And then people started answering It’s New York, California, UAE, this and that, and others said no, the richest land on the planet is a graveyard, where we bury bodies, and all raised eyebrows.

How Come Graveyard Is The Richest Land On The Planet?

And he says that because when all these people were alive, when they were breathing, they had an opportunity of sharing, sharing their ideas, values, thoughts, stories, they had that opportunity, but unfortunately, many people, they decided not to do that, not to share that.

And with all those ideas, thoughts, valuable feedback, or stories which they had in their mind, with all that now they’re under the ground.

So, ladies and gentlemen, public speaking is just not about learning the techniques and methods those are important, how to start your presentation, how to end your presentation, how to ensure that your body language and vocal variety is synching with your content, all those techniques and methods are important.

But until you don’t understand this simple point that we all have limited time. No one is going to stay here forever, and if we have limited time, if everyone has to go onto the ground, it’s your responsibility to share especially your stories with the world.

Every time when I say story, I’m not at all talking about some fictional stories, I’m talking about your real-life experiences.

Struggle & Success Are Two Major Components For Every Story

Every story has two major components struggle and success. There was a time in your life where you struggled a lot, and were able to overcome that struggle but the moment you start sharing that struggle with the world at the same time, how you have come out from that struggle, the learnings that is called success. People who are there right now in their struggle, that story will help those people but the stories are under the ground.

You cannot speak once we are under the ground.

So techniques and methods that really understand, I have read a lot of books on techniques and methods which has helped me from a technical point of view but from a reason point of view that why it is so important for you even for me to separate ourselves from the crowd, stand alone and speak because let’s not go under the ground. But keeping all those ideas, thoughts concealed in our mind only.

Let’s separate ourselves from the crowd stand alone and speak.

So, to be very precise answer that question which book you should read to understand that why you should speak Die Empty by Todd Henry.

This has been Praveen signing out until we meet again.


  1. tarushikha sarvesh

    Wonderful thought

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  2. Utpal Datta

    One of your finest videos. You speak so well. I want to learn spoken English as you speak. Regards

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


    Beautiful explanation about the significance of public speaking.!

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  4. Sinthiya Adrin Felsiya

    Your words your actions very very inspiring sir, your videos makes our mind to work ON immediately am in the process of reading the book sir. thank you for opening many minds..

  5. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  6. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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