The Importance Of Public Speaking

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking?

As I told you, I’ll give you the example of that river. The only reason why you have that fear while crossing that river is because you have not learned how to cross. Doesn’t matter is public speaking or anything. Whenever we do something which we have not learned, we have fear. Nothing special in public speaking.

So the very precise answer to that question, how to overcome the fear of public speaking is this: learn the techniques and methods.

Sir I’m Always Doing Self-doubt How Can I Overcome This?

That’s a good point. Even I have self-doubt. So in case, when you come to my eLearning workshop, you will understand when I decided to start training people what self-doubt I had in my mind and how I handled. But the only way to handle your self-doubt is take small action. Don’t try to achieve big in your life. Take small, small, small, small, small, small action.

So when I started training people, I started training small, small kids and that too kids free that to Dharavi, in the small cities. So take a listen unless you’re not taking action in your life.

First, work hard, take action. Don’t see big, big dreams. Big, big dreams, write it down. But to achieve big, big dreams, we need small, small actions.

How Important Is Public Speaking When You Want To Start Business?

Sir, I told you my example. Within three years, my company from 30, 40 people, we have grown to 200 people.

Because business is what, how to speak with people. Business. I’m a pharmacist by education, I’m running an I.T company. I’m a pharmacist by education, I’m running an I.T company.

I have no idea what people do, is only our relationship. And how we build a relationship? You know that, speaking.


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