The Moment It Stopped Bothering You, It Means You Have Reached The Level.

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I Have Mother Tongue Influence During Speaking English. How Quickly To Get Rid Of It?

I have mother tongue influence during speaking English. I’ve been trying and practicing as per Google pronunciation. My question is how quickly to get rid of it?

See, I will show you one book. Do I have that book? Yeah. See, I’ve shown my mark sheet to you, 38 marks in English. I joined English speaking classes at the age of 30. Recently, just a few months ago, I completed one more class of English. I will show you, everything from scratch, formation of interrogative sentences, formation of a pronouns, verbs, everything.

Something which you have not learned in school and college, in case you have not learned, it’s your responsibility to learn it again. Now you have to practice. You have to practice until you when speaking in English, your mother tongue influence, your ability to pronounce and your grammar is not taking the attention in your mind. What do you mean by that? So when I used to speak three years ago, when I was not a student of public speaking, when I used to speak, then if I’m speaking in English, that part used to bother me that the sentence which I have just formed, just said, is this really correct or not correct? That used to bother me. The moment that stopped bothering me I don’t care.

English is just a language, ladies and gentlemen. I do workshops even for UK and US and their mother tongue is English. Their mother tongue is English. Those people who feel that they can speak in fast fluent English say thanks to your parents, maybe they could be able to afford you send you to convent school. Many parents could not, including mine.

So you have to understand, in India, English is the language. We were ruled by British people for 200 years. Whether you like it or not like it, It’s a language in constitution now. It is a language in constitution, you have to learn that.

Practice it. The moment it stopped bothering you, it means you have reached the level.

Poor Use Of Eye Contact And Facial Expression, How To Overcome This Problem.

I explained eye contact, change the sentence, change the person.

Facial expression, your facial expression is the output of your … So if I’m happy, I’m happy. If I’m stressed, I’m stressed.

If you see the recording of this live of the workshop, which I will give you will say Praveen, you are looking more calm, composed and relaxed compared to what you deliver today. I was very stress today in the morning, under tremendous stress. So the stress was there. Maybe the stress was not visible or maybe visible, but I knew.

So that was the wise expression is the output. So once you’re speaking from your heart, natural, calm, composed, relaxed. Do not worry about that, but facial expression is output, but you cannot make facial expression.


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