The Power of Words

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Have you ever seen and listened to Mohammad Qahtani’s speech?

Mohammad Qahtani through his speech on ‘The Power of Words’ won the “World Championship of Public Speaking”.

When Mohammad Qahtani stood on the stage for the finals of “World Championship of Public Speaking”, before starting his speech, after certain pauses and glares, he removed one cigarette out from his pocket. Imagine all this happening on the stage of “World Championship of Public Speaking”, for the entire world to see.

Without looking at the audience, he held the cigarette in his fingers and was about to light the cigarette. But then, he stopped and looked at the audience and questioned them, ‘What? Why are you all looking at me like this? What do y’all feel, that smoking is not good, it kills? What about this? We eat sugar every day, sugar leads to diabetes. Many people in the world die due to diabetes. Many more people die as a result of accidents. And less people die because of Cigarette smoking.’ He also said that when he shared this information about cigarettes with his friends, many of them believed him and few out of them started smoking.

What did he mean by all this? He meant that ‘Words Are Powerful’. The way we use words, they radiate power. They influence people, they change their outlook.

Sharing another incident. There was this movie I watched the other day, and in it was a girl who worked as a translator for different meetings held globally. And one person questioned about her relevance working as a translator. And she answered that because of her passion for bringing peace in the world, she worked as a translator. The person questioned her about the connection between being a translator and a peace bringer. And she replied that most of the wars in the world are fought because we misinterpret each other. Words have the power to shape our thoughts, our deeds, how we behave and how we act.

These, my friends, are Words that have Power.

So, why are words so powerful? Because of a simple fact.

Words are a means through which we all communicate. They convey our thoughts to others. They help us express each feeling, each reaction. Say the words, write them or sing about them, they connect us with others. But we take words for granted, use them randomly and sometimes even without thinking. Words hold the ultimate power of bringing good or bad in our lives. Words can be comforting, encouraging, hopeful, healing, peace bringing but they can also be humiliating, hurting and even killing.

Words are so powerful that if seeded at the right place can grow into something effective. But if fallen at the wrong place can be destructive. Words have the power to change the trajectory of life. Words spoken by someone whom we admire are principles that we tend to follow in our life. The power of words is such that, if a word is used constructively, it will spread happiness but if used destructively will cause distress. Remember to seed words that will inspire others and weed out the words of discouragement.

Words not only affect others but they shape our own soul, our own life. Words stay in our mind as thoughts, these thoughts drive our behavior. Well-chosen words have power that will help in our self-growth.

Music is an art that changes the mood and environment. Hit the right cord and beautiful music ensues. But one wrong note and the entire song goes offbeat. Words are similar to Music. One right word out of our mouth and it will shape everything in place. But speak the right words in the wrong manner and all goes haywire.

So how do we formulate our speech to use the right words? Using the right words in a speech is the same as playing a tape. We say what is already on our mind, our thoughts that are recorded based on our experiences. What we say often correlates with something that has happened in our past life. The trigger to speaking certain words in a particular manner is the circumstance that one has in front of them, right at that moment. Using the right words at the right time in a right manner is the key to using the power of words in an effective manner. It is rightly said Think before you Speak, because the words that you speak have a huge impact on other’s life and also on our own.

Words project different meaning in the minds of different people. Choosing the right word in the right situation can help sever the gap of miscommunication. Words have power both in how they are spoken and how they are interpreted by others. Understanding this power can help us guide ourselves on a trajectory of achieving something great in life or can lead to our downfall.

Words hold Power that cannot be ignored. They can be the source of our happiness or the reason for our cry. Words shape our thoughts, our beliefs and our life. Words have that immense power of defining our past, present and future.

As rightly said by Mohammed Qahtani, ‘Words said and articulated in the right way can change a person’s mind, and alter their belief. Words have Power, Words are Power, Words could be your Power.’

Use the Power that Words hold effectively and efficiently.


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