There Is Something More Important In Public Speaking Than Connecting With The Audience

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Public Speaking | 3 comments

Many times, I’ve heard is that one of the most important things in public speaking is connection with the audience.

Let me share my perspective on this, and I’d love to have your perspective on this.

I agree that connection with the audience is important but there is something more important than this. And that is, whenever you’re standing in front of public to deliver some content, are you connected with yourself or not first?

What do I mean by that Praveen? 

See, it has been proven scientifically now that even though we have the world’s best brain, humans’ issues, but we can do only one thing at a time. Your mind can split one second in several parts, but at a time, your mind can do only one thing, we can focus only on one thing.

And what is that one thing, which ideally, we should focus on, when we are in front of public, the public, no, the content.

We Have To Stay Connected With The Content

 So, you’re there in front of public to deliver the content, this content varies from person to person.

Imagine, this is day one in your office, and HR has asked you to deliver your introduction then the content is just information. You want to inform people who you are.

Or maybe this is the last day in your office, and you have spent almost 10 years, one decade in this office, and you want to say that bye bye talk, that content is maybe inspiration.

Content varies from person to person but every time when you are standing in front of people in front of public, first, we have to stay connected with the content. but several times I’ve observed this, there is something which distract us from the content.

Imagine for a moment that right now at this point of time, if I start thinking about this, that Praveen, what people will think on this video, what if someone agrees or disagree? What if someone who disagree write something bad? Are they really liking me, not liking me? Imagine if I’m standing in front of live audience and if my mind is busy in thinking on that, whether they’re liking me or not liking me how I’m looking. So, I’m not connected with myself.

See, in public speaking, your content represents, you are there only for content. So right now, I’m not focused on content, I’m focusing on something else, it means I’m not connected with myself only. So, unless and until you are not connected with yourself, then how these will be connected?

So, more than your connection with the audience, you should focus more on how you can stay connected with yourself.

Now you may say Praveen then how to do that, it is very simple.

Of course, there are techniques and methods to organize your content and deliver your content in such a way that people listen to you.

But, even if you learn the techniques and methods, but if you don’t apply this simple, logical, simple formula, which we almost since childhood, we have learned that.

You Have To Be Honest

You have to be honest. What do you mean by honesty? Honest in the sense of whatever you have in your mind. If you are sharing that only with the world without any manipulation, then it’s very easy to stay connected. We get disconnected only when we are manipulating this.

For example, if you are a trainer, and if you want to teach something which you have not experienced or you have not learned, you will never be confident but the moment if you’re training something which you have learned experience, got benefits, automatically you’ll stay connected because it’s there in your memory.

So, techniques and methods of course we can learn but the easiest way to stay connected with your own content is be honest.

Once you are connected with your own content, audience connection just now.

That’s my perspective. What do you feel? What’s your perspective? Don’t you feel that more than your audience connection, you should practice staying connected with yourself on the stage?

Share your prospective.

This is Praveen signing out until we meet again.


  1. Richa Shrivastava

    Very True Praveen .
    Agree with you ..being connected with self is essential all the time.

  2. Sinthiya Adrin Felsiya

    very true sir we need to be connected with ourselves, also its is very true that when we are confident and when we have experienced the content, we deliver more confidently and it will definitely reach the audience. we need to practice self compassion, but in all, learning the skill step by step correctly & practicing more correctly is the core..thank u sir for opening our minds.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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