How To Organise Your Content As A Trainer?

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If One Is Confident About One’s Raw Material And Training Skills, Can One Skip Other Steps And Move Directly To Webinars?

Yes, provided you have validated that confidence.

I remember one of my friends, he’s very good in guitar, very good in playing guitar, according to him. So, there are a few people who have validated their confidence. Now how to validate? There is only one-way ladies and gentlemen, there’s no second way of validation when it comes to E-learning.

I’m not talking about other skills, only one way. Whether you like it or don’t like it, when people buy, when people spend money, it means they’re serious. So, there are a few people who have already validated. So, you say Praveen, people are already coming to my training programs. I’m always full.

When I do live webinars, people buy or when I am calling people, people spend money, not my friends, not your colleagues.

Your family, your friends, they always keep you in illusion, the biggest problem of public speaking, your colleagues, your friends, your family, they keep you in illusion that you speak well.

How can you speak effectively, what is public speaking? Organizing your content and delivering your content within the time to ensure that maximum people can understand what you want to say. That is called public speaking for each and everything, there is a skill techniques and methods. Now, when you will attend public speaking workshop, you will understand that you doing all that without learning techniques and methods as good as you going inside the water and start swimming without swimming, learning swimming, that is not possible.

But you think that you speak well, because your colleagues and your friends, they have kept you the illusion. Say you speak very well, or they don’t come to you, they don’t speak well. So, you are in illusion. I was in illusion three years ago, was, that I should speak very well.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you have to validate first. The validation is money. So, I told to my friend who used to feel that yes, he’s very good in guitar, why don’t you validate whether you’re good in guitar or not? He said how to do that Praveen? I said there are so many shows are going on, why don’t you just have a one show where you are actually asking people to buy or talk with someone where people are going to?

People organizers are arranging like even in stand-ups where you have to pay just 200, 300 rupees, and in stand-up comedies, in between they have guitar and music.

Contact one organizer and just observe first time they will of course give you a chance. Observe whether they are calling you back or not. If they are calling you back, it means people are ready to pay you, pay for your skill. So, if you are the only species on the planet who need money even for delivering baby.

So, you have to validate with money only, there is no other way. Self-declared validation is not. So, in case if you are validating. We said Praveen Yes, I’m validating, I have my raw material, my ability to sell, my ability to organize the content, and my ability to make videos is next level.

Start doing live webinars. So, whatever is stopping, why are we stopping you? Stop doing. Start doing it. Start doing it from today. Please, if validated.

How To Start A Business As An Employee?

If you are in corporate, and if you are doing business, what do you mean by business? You are taking money, if you are making videos, writing books, even if you are a part of Speak And Grow community, doing freedom training programs, because in freedom training programs, you know what is the beauty of Speak And Grow community?

We are not allowed to ask money. What do you mean by that? I am not allowed to ask money from you. No, it is not a, it’s a rule. Why? Because we are already a part of family.

So, even in freedom training program, you are not allowed to ask money. So, when you’re not allowed to ask money, when you’re not making money, then there is no problem. Like majority of the time corporates have problem, and you have something else which is generating money. Correct?

Now, moment you say that Praveen, yes, I want to start my own live webinar business or online courses, then there are two scenarios, the two types of companies. If someone coming to me, as a CEO of an IT company, I will say please do that. Please do that. As long as you are not investing office hours in doing that. If you’re doing this on Saturdays, and Sundays, in your weekdays, online courses you’re doing early in the morning recording, once online goes recorded, one month is done, I’m done. But your corporate said no. This is a conflict of interest, this and that.

No, this, and that then you have to take, then you have to inform them. If your corporate is that inform them, take the permission, proper permission, then do it. The biggest mistake you will do, that you are not informing your current employer. And you’re starting business.

Because even if you make millions there, if you’re working in one company, and you’re making millions by doing online courses, live webinar, you will not be able to sleep peacefully. You will always have that in your mind. What if they come to know? What if they come to no?

Alright, what is the logic of that life you have millions in your bank, but you can’t sleep peacefully. There’s no sense in that life. So, if corporate, not necessary every time they’re against, but take your company in confidence. Now, what is the easiest way of doing that? Building that credibility first.

First, not from zero, not from nowhere, you’re going to HR, I want to start my live webinar business that should not be the approach.

First, make videos, make videos on some skill. Write a book, share your intention, develop that intention and project that intention in front of your company that hey, I’m interested to share interest instead.

And then one day go to your corporate and say, “see, I’m working hard here but we don’t work on Sunday, I do workshops on Sundays, live webinar workshops. It’s not affecting my current work. Is that okay with you? Because I don’t want to hide anything from you because I don’t neither want to compromise in my current work nor in that.”

Does it in a proper honest way and after that if a company say no, then evaluate, then take the risk.

Now do you want to continue that, or you want to continue here? That life is yours; you have to take the decision.

Training Is About Organizing Your Content, What Specific Things/Way/Framework Can Recommend To Achieve This?

Training is about organizing your content, what specific things /way/ framework can recommend to achieve this?

There is a proper frame framework. If you come to my video making workshop, you’re already part of Speaking, you will come. So, we learn a container theory.

Today also at the start only I told you that three containers in this workshop, container number 1, 2, 3, what is container? There are various techniques and methods.

Elaborate more on budget optimization, what specifically? Elaborate more. Some people, I think you are expecting too much in three years.

See understand your growth. If I go technical, go deep, then or if your expectation was this, that I am going to go very deep in each and everything, then you are sitting in the wrong theaters.

You have taken the movie of wrong theaters. Because I strongly believe all this elaboration budget optimization this and that, other people will do. But how to make good videos?

Organization of the content and making sure that you’re learning how to sell. If you learn that, that cannot, other people cannot do. Other people cannot make videos on your behalf of you.

Other people cannot sell on behalf you. So, understand.

Focus on core. These are all accessories, don’t focus on accessories.

How Do You Decide Pricing Of A Module/Course? Is If My Offline Course A Hundred Is The Recommended, Right?

How do you decide pricing of a module course? Is if my offline course a hundred is the recommended, right? That’s a good question.

See, I understand there’s something called pricing optimization.

There are a few people in speaking, in live webinar like this only. They have paid 699, 499, 599. I’ve never gone below two triple line for speak and grow. So you have to optimize. You have to see which is the cost, which is giving you the maximum people. People, sometimes in profits, you can still compromise. See, understand why you need money.

You need money for validation of seriousness, correct.

As I told you, people who have paid 2999, they can also pay 2999. If in this webinar, if I had made 3999, I would have made a little more money today, I would have earn little more profit today. But I need more people, but I cannot go below 2999 and also, because then the quality will be comparable.

What do you mean by quality? If I keep it only 999 then I have to maintain the quality of speak and grow family also. And unfortunately you spend only when you’re serious. So anyone who 999, I’m still a set up an extra drive by the way 2999. If you ask me to spend to triple line, I will invest, but only if it is worth investing. Only if it is worth investing. So, ladies and gentlemen, you have to optimize.

There’s a proper way of optimizing the cost and then you have to reach a point where you’re not compromising in your profit, also very high, but you’re ensuring that your conversions are very high. You are getting more and more serious people in your community.

So what is the difference between Udemy and speak and grow? What it means only online courses? Speak and grow as a community. It’s a family. We like each other. We hate each other, right? In any family, we like our hate. Why hate? Because what do you feel? You will join, speak and grow community and if you don’t make videos, I will be quiet. It doesn’t happen like that. Within my capacity sir, I will cry. I will laugh but within my capacity, I will make sure that you feel from inside that even if you are paid to triple line, you will feel guilty if you don’t make videos, when you come to speak and grow community. And I would make sure you feel guilty because that’s the only. So when you do live webinars, when we bring people, my intention is not to praise. good words. My intention is that you learn practice and grow. That is the intention, not what you’re saying about me, whether I’m liking you or not liking you. That’s absolutely okay. That’s your decision, sir or madam.

I Also Like To Improve The Accent And Dicition For School Students Public Speaking.

Also like to improve accent and diction of school students public speaking.

So, there’s nothing called accent there’s nothing called diction, these are all jargons.

Every person has his own style of speaking. Every person, as long as the words which you are pronouncing, other person is understanding. As long as the content which we have delivered, other person has understood, doesn’t matter which language we’re using Parsi, English, Hindi, Spanish doesn’t matter.

These all are big, big words, big, big words. So, and these are the words no matter where you reach, there is no end in learning. There is no end in learning.


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