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Can I Create Videos In YouTube First, Starting Good Question?

I used to write poem in my college days. Congratulations for that. Can I create videos in YouTube first, starting good question? Understand singing, writing, poems, dancing. These are skills, similarly, public speaking. Those are skill, but if your question is this, can I start making videos on my poem? Yes, but not yet necessary because this is the e-learning workshop. I have to answer from a. E-learning perspective. Also, your ability of making poems videos on YouTube might not necessarily help you in improves your communication skills, or if you say probably no I want to teach people how to write poem. That’s a different goal, but if I have gone there, if I have, because if a hundred people are reading this question, a hundred people will read in a different way. So I have read in such a way that yes, you like poems in college days, but make videos on poems. Even my son makes videos on rap. He loves rap. Make videos on poem, get used to technology, get used to making videos. Yes, you can do that.

Is It Legal To Do e-Learning Business With While Working In The IT Company?

If that question is for me than for me, it’s not legal because I own that. I take company I’m the founder and CEO of that company. Number one, if question is for yourself, you say Praveen, I am working in an IT company. Is it legal? That’s a very interesting and very important question. Understand this is very important for you to understand that if you’re among those people who are working somewhere, private government doesn’t matter, and you want to start your business e-learning business, make sure you are informing your company. See you feel a part of speak and grow community. You don’t have to inform your company because there is one rule in speaking group, community, you know what is rule? We don’t ask money to each other. And that rule applies on meals.

That’s the reason I don’t ask money. When I started doing 12, 12 weeks online courses for kids, I cannot ask money. So even in freedom program, when you’re doing freedom program training, people in speak and grow, you’re not allowed to ask money. So it’s not business. So to enter into speak and grow, becoming a trainer, practicing with likeminded people, that’s absolutely okay that you can do that, that you don’t have to be informed. But moment you say that probably now I want to start live webinars, or I want to start making online courses and sell nothing wrong in that, but make sure to inform your company. So there are two types of company, few companies, they appreciate this example. My company appreciate this, my head, it, it had the fall. When I met him, I asked him that, okay. So I know I just casual conversation and asked him, so what other things you do apart from this?

It, he said, I’m a writer, and I’m author. And he has written seven to eight books, proper books. And I said, well, you to teach this skill, why don’t you teach that skill and what you did. You know what? Within one year he left my company and is doing that yesterday only called me. His name is younshun patra search on internet. We’ll find it yesterday. Only called me, said, Pravin, thank you very much. I’m doing what I wanted to do. Teaching and training people, so make sure not every company will say no, no, no, but inform your company. Don’t do this; that you are not informing your company and doing some other business. There will be one problem. Then you’re not able to sleep good when you’re sleeping. That stress will be always there. What if they come to know what, if they come to know, don’t do that. That’s not the life we should live. Do not have something in your life, which you’re hiding from people.

How Do We Improve Speaking Clarity?

E-learning that’s a good question. Communication leak is for that only. How do you show that via clearly not torts? What is clarity, clarity, just talking about whether you are able to understand each and every word or not, whether you are able to understand the message. No, that is called clarity. If I’m not wrong, so how they improve speaking clarity, you have to learn how to share your perspectives when you agree to disagree. So when prospective challenge, there’s so many challenges where when I watch the video, they are speaking for five to seven minutes where they don’t agree to their perspective. They don’t agree to not perspective, but how to share your perspective. And even you don’t agree. That’s a definite practice that needs practice. And before you practice, you have to learn the techniques and methods. So you learn you practice.

The second is when you start using your personal experience from your life and use that as a leader, then with a message that is communication, legal game message, challenge, and third clarity is required. When suddenly you’re asking something, not all these questions you have not sent me previously. All these questions like impromptu for me, but still within my capacity, I organize my content and deliver it in front of me. That also needs practice. So clarity e-learning speaking or clarity training comes when you learn how to blend your prospective stories and your ability to speak on subjects, only those subjects where you have knowledge. If you ask me something, which I have no knowledge, I would say I’m the last person on the planet to answer that question. That’s all you’ve practiced.

What Is The Definition Of Environment?

First of all, happy teachers’ day! Thank you very much for that. My problem is my environment. Don’t allow me to concentrate just now in this webinar; I have a discontent many times. It is very difficult to understand. What is the definition of environment? Is your wife nagging you? Is your child nagging you? Is electricity nagging you? Is your mind only nagging you? It is very difficult to understand what you mean by when you say your environment is not allowing you to concentrate. My submission to you is going to meditation, go for your pass. Now understand, imagine that you are, imagine that you are sleeping in one room and you are outside is let not in your room outside. And you don’t know with whom you’re going to share the room. It’s a 20 sharing room. As suddenly you observe that the gentleman was sitting next to you or the lady was sleeping next to you, snorting a lot snow that will not stop.

But if that is disturbing, if that sound is disturbing, you’ll observe that many other sounds are coming, the sound of fan sound off air or sound of TV. That is not nagging. That is not bothering you, why? The sound of that snoring only bothering you will understand this when you go to your past and meditation, so when you say that environment is not allowing you to concentrate, it should not happen that your concentration is so fickle and so weak that someone just trying to bother you. You know, you get scared, you get irritated. Sometimes I feel witty and really feel pity for those people. Sometimes you might have seen people write these kinds of comments on ads, so many ads. I get irritated. It’s very annoying and has sometimes a feeling of 15 second ad. Is it so easy to irritate you? Is it so easy to make you angry?

15 second ad, you see, and you get angry, understand this. There is something big chemical problem here. If 15, second ad in YouTube, also you can skip the ad in five seconds or 10 seconds on Facebook. You have all the rights of going. You have, how can that edit it? So, ads are not irritating. You snorting, he’s not irritating you. There is something else, something happening in front of you, which is not matching your expectation. That irritates that’s a deep subject, deep subject, but I really feel funny when sometimes I read it. The comments on my social media, it stopped so many ads annoying. I said, really? It is so easy to ignore you.

How To Build Rapport; Like Talking Very Short Question, But Very Big Answer To This Question?

the only way, according to me to build a good relationship with, or build relationships with people while talking is this, keep your mouth shut and listen. Someone asked me that day, Praveen, what is the easiest way to build a relationship with stranger? – Because I have a TEDx talk on this. Why should speak to a stranger by the way? So I said the easiest way to build a relationship with stranger, keep your mouth shut. But I mean, what Alicia is this? What Alicia is this? What alga has done that? What alpha is number one, what Albert is what I’ll get to that? No one is interested in what Alicia. Listen to that. Pause. Ask one question. Listen, what that poster is doing in his life. So the easiest way to build relationship with people while talking is, keep your mouth shut and listen to that first.


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