Vendors Getting The Shorter End Of The Stick?

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Entrepreneurship | 5 comments

Sometimes I really get puzzled when I see this aspect of a relationship between client and service provider, or maybe a company and an agency.

Expectations From Vendors

Now imagine a company or someone in that company of course, when there is an exchange of services, it means it’s an exchange of services between two people, a group of people. Imagine one person, a manager from a company has given some work to an agency. Now, if the agency speaks in this language while implementing that work, executing that role, that “today I’m not able to finish because the person has not come today, or there’s a problem here, there’s internet issue here”.

When an agency speaks in this language, many times as a client, we feel that, oh my God, they are not professional. If someone has not come, that doesn’t mean that work will stop. Just because one person is absent that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to match the deadlines.

We’re are facing problem of internet or light is all your issues. Suddenly we connect all these kinds of small, small, realistic reasons, I’m not saying, excuse, reasons, we connect these reasons with professionalism.

Expectation From Clients

At the same time, imagine that work got executed and when a service provider providing a bill to the client.

when service provider asking for payment clearance on time, you sometimes get same reasons from the client, that “my boss is not there today to sign, he’s absent or he’s traveling or there’s some problem here, maybe someone’s printer is not working, I wanted to take the bill print, but the printer is not working “.

The sudden same things, which maybe only one yardstick, one may consider unprofessional but a service provider, an agency will never consider this unprofessional, they will consider this as a part of business but don’t you feel it’s a very sad part of business.


  1. Tariq Nafees Siddiqui

    This is not business. Business is something that is established to say excuse to even a single excuse. Business is always professional. Anything unprofessional can never be a part of business.

  2. S. Rahmatt


  3. R K Chaudhury

    True Praveen,
    I have experienced on both the sides. I believe there is a need for sociological and behavioural change. Such changes are required in personal level as well. Great that you have addressed the issue.

  4. Unnikrishnan BK

    Basically these trivial things happen once in a while. IF the supplier giving such trivial reasons very rarely, it can be seen as a very transparent relationship, where he is open to share the real silly reason and he has the confidence that the customer is not going to judge him for that.
    There are few other suppliers who are experts in certain field and very careless about documentation and systems. Customer is forced to go there for the skill and value, but has to deal with all his eccentricities.
    But those who always give variety of silly reasons are likely to be judged and seen as not professional.
    For the customer side, always it is the person who is telling those reasons, who re at risk of being judge for giving trivial reason for not keeping up the commitment he made.

  5. Sumit kunar chauhan

    Yes it is. Because once you are in a contract you must provide your services otherwise there’s no means of contact. Contact ensures if the something in return you have to give something.


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