Watch It Before You Put Your Resignation.

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This is a special video for those people who are in jobs.

So in jobs sometimes when we resign, when we submit a resignation, the reason why we are resigning, it is very important for us to evaluate.

I’m not talking about the reason in which we are writing in the resignation. That is secondary.

So whether you want to reveal the honest reason in front of your current employers or not, that is secondary. I’m not talking about that.

But when you ask that question to yourself that why I am resigning? You know, the answer, right?

It is very important to evaluate that reason because if you evaluate that, that will help you to understand when you’re going in another company, another organization whether you will grow there or maybe you will struggle to grow there.

So let me share my perspective on this and I would love to have your perspective.

In the last 20 years of my career, 10 years I was in jobs.

In 10 years, I resigned three times and then I started my entrepreneurship journey.

So this perspective is based upon my last 20 years of professional experience.

Now to understand this perspective, let’s imagine this, that any organization is like a heater. What do you mean by heater? It is like people are there, they are absorbing the heat. Now doesn’t matter how good your office is, how cool it looks. Whether the walls are very colorful or very white in color. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter whether you are in a yo-yo office or a very traditional office. Irrespective of all that, if you are working in an organization there will be stress. There will be heat. There will be a certain amount of pressure, heat you have to absorb.

So organization is like a heater, not if it is a heater then we need to understand what are the things actually producing heat, because of that it’s heating up. So imagine for a moment you are resigning because you’re not able to absorb that heat now. Let’s understand.

People Resign, Because Of The Market?

First, very common reason why people resign is, they say, “Praveen because of the market.”

What do you mean by because of the market? Understand, that market, the company on which I’m working or the organization in which I’m working, that market is not performing.

Well, so this organization is not getting jobs. This organization is not getting orders. This organization is not getting opportunities from the market. The market itself is dying, Praveen.” 

So the market is not good.

Or maybe you are in the market and in that market the section where you are in, if I have to give you one very simple example. When I decided to resign from Cipla after spending nine years in Cipla, when I started as a medical representative and I was a senior manager in Cipla in marketing. But I decided to resign because of the market. What you mean by that?

Almost for nine years, I was in the same market. The market of selling or marketing drugs of HIV and AIDS.

So I thought, I’ve nine years in one market from one angle, it’s good. But from another angle, it’s not good because then I have expertise of only one market. So the market forced me. Because of market I decided to resign. 

So negative or positive, the reason of your resignation is you are saying that I’m resigning because of market right? We can go deep here, but will not go there today.

You Are Better Than Your Manager

Another reason why people resign because of M2 that is manager. What do you mean by that?

One way which is very obvious some time to understand that my manager is not cut. There are many people they feel that they’re far better than the manager. Not necessary that’s the reality, not necessary that’s not the reality. That is secondary.

But you are leaving that job, you’re feeling that heat because your manager is not good. You’re not comfortable with your manager. Or your manager is not competent enough according to your definition. Everyone has their own definition of competency.

According to you, he is not competent enough to manage us. I’m not learning anything from him or her.

Or the manager has asked you to leave, whether he has been asked or she has been asked by the higher authorities or personal decision. Or there’s nothing like this but every time when your manager is shouting on you in the meeting you feel that he or she has an intention or indirectly that person your manager is saying to leave this company.

So the reason why you are resigning from that position or from that organization because you are not able to absorb the heat coming from that manager.

That is the primary reason. Manager is the reason. Positive, negative again, we can go deep here, we will not go there today.


Third here is, you said money.

Praveen, according to me the amount of time and energy I’m investing in this organization in returns what I am getting is not satisfactory.

Now this word satisfaction varies from person to person, so there has to be a yardstick to judge.

So in case you have spent five years, so you should know in your sector, in your industry based upon your education level. What is their range? You have to be in the range.

One can always expect that in my first year of my job only I will start earning 20 lakh rupees per month, that is unfair expectation.

So you should know first the knowledge of the range. Many people sometimes they don’t have even the knowledge of the range.

Even I was one of them. I was not even aware that in marketing, what is the range. And I always used to ask people out of curiosity, so what is the range of salaries. So not necessary people are aware about it.

But in case if you are aware, you are not talking about some bizarre expectations, but you are aware of the range and you are not anywhere in the range or you’re at the bottom of the range. And you feel that the amount of dedication, you have the commitment you have towards your work, returns what you are getting is not fair, which is a very fair understanding by the way.

Whether you like it or don’t like it, understand one thing, we are the only species on the planet who need money even to deliver babies.

So one primary objective not necessarily the only objective but one primary objective of you spending every day the most productive hours of every day in doing work because end of the day you need money also.

And if you are not getting sufficient money and that is the heat which is really heating you up and because of that you say Praveen no, I can’t now I can’t just do like this. I need more money and because of money you are resigning it and not resigning it just because you are not getting sufficient salary but you are getting you have often in your hand where you are getting a significant raise. There is another way of validating it.

Now in case if you feel that I am not getting good salary. I’m not getting a good salary and you go outside and get validated by other organizations and they say, yes, you deserve more.

That’s a good validation that yes your company is really doing injustice with your current company not giving you a hike or increment despite what you deserve, that’s validation.

So you are resigning because you have offer in your hand where you have a significant hike. So you’re not able to absorb that heat of lack of poor salary and you are resigning because of that.

So that is M1, M2 and M3. There is market, manager and money.


And the fourth is W.O.L, now you will say Praveen, after M3 M4 should come… No, no not necessary. W.O.L, what is that?

If you are resigning because of this, then there is a big problem ladies and gentleman, according to me.

That is, you’re resigning because you say that this is a lot of workload here Praveen. I

t is absolutely okay, it is positive negative everywhere, here in M1, M2, M3.

But if you are resigning because of workload leaving few exceptional, few exceptional it’s not good for you. Understand why. 

Imagine for a moment take a case that someone had joined one organization may be here. And maybe around three to four years ago, imagine this, someone had joined any organization three to four years ago and that person has been assigned certain tasks or jobs, work. Right?

Now, when the person joined, of course it’s considered that person has understood the job.

Of course, there’s a process now that is training, this and that.

But at the start because that person is comfortable, that’s the reason that person is not resigning. So at the start, that person could be able to absorb that heat even at the start also that person is not enjoying the job but still the heat is still tolerable. Not pushing you to resign at the start only.

But slowly, slowly that person starts observing this, Oh my God, the work is increasing. The work is increasing. That’s the reason it’s called workload and maybe after three years or four years, the workload is so high that Praveen, I’m not able to manage the heat of this workload and I’m resigning from this company because of the workload.

Understand this, what exactly most of the people, leaving a few exceptional cases most of the people, how you have treated yourself in last three to four years then.

When a company has taken you, any organization has taken you, they have certain expectations, right and they have given work to you. Any organization, they want that if you join today after a few days you should get or you should take extra work. It’s there in every organization.

If it is not there, what do you mean by that? If you working the same thing, which you have been working since the last 3 to 4 years.

For example, you say three years ago, I joined this company and I was working on this project like this and now also I working on the same projects, same learning then it’s not good for you or not good for the organization. But many organizations don’t work like that. So they keep on giving you work, they keep on giving you work, that’s how even they will make the whole thing more profitable because the work which you used to do in two hours now they expect from you to do in one hour.

So because we have one hour extra now they will keep on giving you work. It’s good for them also, it’s good for you also. Now here you have reached where the amount of work you have received, it is so high, the load is so high you say Praveen, I cannot manage the heat. I’m leaving it now. And then you decided or thinking or you’re just about to leave. 

Now, what happen ladies and gentleman, if you’re thinking because of workload resigning most of the time it’s not the mistake of the organization. It’s your mistake.

What do you mean by that Praveen?

It means this that to manage your work effectively, you need two things, two things.

First, you say Praveen, in the start when I came my workload was enough. I was managing it, but suddenly my manager started giving me lots of work, lots of work, lots of work and suddenly it becomes unmanageable.

Managing The Manager

Now, nothing happens overnight. Nothing happens overnight. So one thing you need is to tell your manager effectively. That, hey see, I cannot manage that work. If you have reached here where you are just now about to drown inside the water.

Somewhere, it’s your inability to tell the organization. Maybe your manager is busy in multiple things. Maybe your organization is busy in multiple things. Maybe you’re highly loaded by work, every time when you’re saying this to your manager maybe your manager is considering that okay. Everyone has a habit of saying this that I am loaded, I’m loaded.

So just because you feel that I have already informed you that I’m loaded, the communication, the basic principle of communication is this, when you inform someone to someone not necessary that person as perceived and conceived the same thought what you have in mind not necessarily.

So somewhere, that if you have reached this level that you cannot tolerate that heat because of workload, somewhere in the middle here you had an opportunity to learn the skill of expressing yourself effectively in front of organizations.

See, I want to work but some of this work amount of work, I’m getting I’m not able to manage that work effectively. So decrease, my load.

Number one, so you fail in your people management. What do you mean by people management?

Sometimes people say that people management is only for those people who are leaders, who get the maximum heat, not necessarily.

People management also for those people who are juniors just entering, how do you manage your boss? What do you mean manage him? Not manipulate? How do you manage your boss? How do you convey? How do you manage your colleagues? So people management, somewhere you failed in people management, the skill, your ability to express in front of your colleagues, in front of your manager, in front of your organization that hey I am feeling loaded, please. I cannot manage that if it is.

Second, somewhere you might have failed in developing the skill, which is required to manage the load.

What do you mean my skill?

Imagine, you are a coder and when you joined, you said oh very nice, very nice.

But suddenly there are too many software’s you have to develop, too many products you have to develop.

Now suddenly, the skill which with you have joined that skill is not sufficient enough to execute, the organization will always expect from you.

But the skill is not sufficient. You are still there. Even after three to four years your skill set is the same. So somewhere you have not improved your skills set also. And the combination of these two is a disaster.

After spending three to four years, neither you have improved your skills, you have the same skills. Neither you have learned how to develop a relationship with your colleagues, your manager so you are able to speak effectively in front of them and how to organize your thoughts so you can speak effectively in front of them, see, I want to do work, but I’m not able to manage my work. Effective.

Both of the skills you have not learned and that’s a reason now you have reached a level where you are saying that my workload is so high Praveen, I want to leave.

Now understand one thing, when you leave because of this, according to me then you are broken, right? You’re broken. You’re not happy with that. No. Imagine if I am feeling from inside doesn’t matter what you write in your resignation.

But if I’m feeling from inside this people have really squeezed me, so when I’m leaving that organization, I will not feel happy. You will not feel good for that organization.

Good And Bad Reasons To Leave A Job

But then, when you are leaving, say for example you’re leaving for this, now your reason for leaving that Praveen, I’m getting a very significant hikes. I remember the second resignation when I gave from Ranbaxy.

The only reason I decided to leave Ranbaxy I was enjoying my job, but the only reason is because I got an opportunity from a multinational company, a US based company and they were offering me a senior marketing manager job with a very high salary. Significant hike and I thought yes, it’s my responsibility.

When I had, even I have financial aspiration even it’s my responsibility to provide enough money to my families to improve their standard of life.

So I said yes, so I will not have a bad feeling for that company.

So when I left Ranbaxy, I had no bad feeling for their organization. If you are leaving because of you getting the opportunity to go as a manager, then you are not broken.

When you are leaving because of money you are not broken.

You have reshaped yourself. Heat is still there but when you’re leaving you’re a different person you have reshaped not broken. You’re going to say Praveen; I’m going because I am getting an opportunity to work as a manager. You should feel happy that this company has helped to you reach there, if you’re going as a manager.

So there is no bad feeling for the organization or maybe even one very sad feeling that I have been waiting.

I was expecting that the same organization will give me this manager designation, but there are multiple reasons sometimes organization doesn’t offer you a manager position.

Multiple reasons, not necessary the organization has that intention. But you should be happy or you say Praveen, I’m going in a completely different marketplace and I’m excited.

Okay, I’ve spend some time in this organization again, expertise in this particular domain, but I’m excited to go in other markets. So here when you are leaving if your reasons are like this, it means this heat has shaped you or reshaped you and when you are leaving when you’re going, Praveen, you’re a different person, but if you’re leaving because of workload, it means you’re a broken person.

And if you’re a broken person, if you’re leaving because of workload, I must tell you don’t forget in case if you decide that no Praveen, I will not work anywhere else. That’s okay.

Otherwise, you’re going in one more heater one day the next job will be one more heat and initially, everything will be right.

That’s the reason sometimes when people at the start of their new job if you ask them out of curiosity, how was the job? Praveen, very nice.

My boss amazing, even food is there, lunch is free.

And just meet them after two years the biggest complaining thing is this a boss is not good and a little lunch, same, same lunch every day.

So that’s I will not say the vicious cycle, but it’s not a cycle. Why? Because every time when you break it gets documented on your CV.

What do you mean by that?

Yeah, it’s documented on your CV every time. Every time when you reshape yourself, it also gets documented on your CV.

So when you bring it, when it got documented and if you really grow after many years when you see it and then you say hey it’s broken many times.

It means he doesn’t know how to manage the heat to reshape himself or herself.

Because doesn’t matter where you are going ladies and gentlemen, there will be heat.

Use the same heat to give a very good shape to yourself.

Don’t break in your life. That’s my perspective, when you are resigning that’s an amazing time for you to evaluate.

When you’re going to a next company you can predict what is going to happen.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


  1. Rajkishore

    Agreed your point on resigned from the organization. According to me people resigning for this golden triangles knowledge, experience and money. Other factor like management/organization, manager and manage the work pressure its not in our control but, at the sametime we change ourselves like change the mindset/company.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  3. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂


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