What Are The Components of eLearning Business Systems?

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In this blog, I am going to share with you the components of a webinar based eLearning system. 

If you have followed my last blog, you would have created 2-3 courses on Udemy. You might have started generating some passive income from Udemy. You might have got some good feedback from Udemy and you might have incorporated that feedback into your course. Now you want to make it big, for which you need this system.

In this system, I will help you understand the different components of the system, the techniques and methods required to build the system, tools required to create the system. I will also share some strategies required to make this system work. 

Let’s first understand how to build this system. 

Landing Page

The first thing required to build this system is the landing page. 

Like I have mentioned in my previous post, the most important thing to build in elearning system is social media credibility. If you have a good following on social media, then that’s all you need to begin with. 

Don’t be in a hurry to build a website. Days of websites are gone. 

Lets understand what is the importance of a landing page. Let’s put on our engineer’s hat. First we need to invite people to our free webinar through the landing page. 

Whenever we start our marketing activities, the first thing we do is invite people to our landing page. On the landing page, you take the name and email addresses of people. Clickfunnel is the software as a solution, which is best to create landing pages. 

Clickfunnel charges Rs. 7000 per month as a starter plan. Assuming that you are creating this whole setup yourself, you will be paying Rs. 6000 per month. 

Facebook Traffic 

Next step is to bring people to the landing page. The details of the webinar are provided on the landing page. 

The best way to bring traffic on the landing page is via Facebook. 

If you think that you do not have the technical expertise to run Facebook ads then outsource those services. 

When I started, I learned how to create a Facebook ad. There are various ways to learn how to run Facebook ads. Either you take a course on udemy or learn on youtube. 

Email List Building

Now, this business model, getting people on the live webinar and selling them your eLearning courses, business model works only on emails. The moment you say emails, some people say that , “No Praveen, we don’t open emails. The age of emails is gone. I don’t open emails.”

You might not be opening emails but this game is based on emails. But understand, if we have 1 Lakh emails in our email database, and 10% people open the email, that’s 10000 people. The average email open rate for good workshops is 10-20%. So it’s ok that you don’t open emails. There are still 10%-20% people who do open emails. 

The name of the game is email. The more the number of emails in your email list, the better your business will be. So for emails, you will have to spend. For a large size database, you will send somewhere around Rs. 21000 per month. 

Webinar Hosting

Next software you need is to host a webinar. Zoom is a good software to start with. Now some people will say that zoom is not safe and there might be a data breach. But which platform is safe anyways, if you think about it. If you face some technical issues with zoom then it’s a different story. But just because they are saying some things on the news, doesn’t mean you form an opinion about it. Lets stop believing people blindly and let’s try it for ourselves. If you face problems then change it. Otherwise zoom is good. I have used it for live webinars and have hosted about 10000 people on it at a time. 

In the last 1-1.5 years, I have done webinars with 1-2 people to 8k-10k people. The cost of zoom is around Rs. 1000 per month. 

These costs added together might seem a lot but they are very less for the amount of profit that you make in this business. 

Payment Gateways 

Instamojo is one of the best payment gateways used in eLearning business even though the amount of payment failures are more. Razor pay is also good but instamojo is better because when you are selling live on webinar and people will go and checkout from payment gateway, the fees for instamojo is some 2% which is a very fair amount. 

Learning Management System

Once you have sold your online courses in a webinar and people have paid via instamojo, then Teachable is the way in which you provide your students with access to the course. This is where the courses are hosted. According to me, teachable is the best. The cost of Teachable is Rs. 2100 per month. 

You can manage all the components yourself. Even my company can do it for you. But it’s possible for you to do it yourself. 


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