What Is Confidence?

by | May 26, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

In the mindset session we were talking about, what do you mean by this simple phrase, when we say that I’m confident about something? I’m confident about doing one action? What do you mean by that?

And after a healthy discussion for 90 minutes, the reason I’m using this word healthy, because many people have contributed to this discussion, and then we have reached the point that, one can be confident about one action only when we are ignoring the results, and when we are ignoring the expectation.

When I said ignoring that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what is the result, or we don’t have an expectation, or we don’t have a desire for good results or desire for good expectations. No, I’m not denying that.

We are conditioned for results since childhood. We are conditioned to have expectations since childhood, I’m not denying the presence of that conditioning. The conditioning is there, I’m not denying that.

But one cannot be confident about results or expectations, because that’s the future that’s an illusion, we have no idea whether we can achieve our results or expectations or not, rather, one has to be confident about one micro-step, which according to you, will take you towards that result.

Unless and until you don’t ask yourself, are you confident about the next step?

It could be a very small step, for example, if you want to write a book, one way of looking towards writing this book is getting burdened by expectation and results that I will launch a book and books will do this, the book will do that.

And no, I will sell X number of copies and I will become bestsellers. And there are so many books on the market.

Will I able to sell or not?

Will I able to get famous or not. And all these expectations and results.

When we think about these expectations and results, it drains our energy a lot.

Rather, can I start with a micro-step?

Which is, what is the title of my book?

Can open one page today, a blank page today, and at least write the first word of that book?

Can I do at least that?

Am I confident in doing that?

Am I confident in at least discussing with myself or with some relevant people that on what I should write a book?

If I’ve already decided on that topic, can I decide the title of the book today?

If I’ve already decided on the title, then can I write the first page today?

Or can I write the syllabus today or curriculum today or the index today?

Can I do that today, the first step, keeping the expectation aside, keeping all the results aside?

Can I do that today?

Am I confident about that step?

And you have to be right if you want to do it. If you want to do something, if you’re not confident about the micro-step, the first step, a simple step, if you are not confident you will never be able to achieve the results or expectations which we have decided or you’re dreaming for.

So to be very precise, answer to this question that, “What do you mean by confident” that I’m confident about something, it means only this, that I’m confident about first or the next micro-step which will help me to achieve the results, which will help me to achieve the desired expectations.

This is what I have learned from yesterday’s mindset session.

And as 99% of people said, that we will make a video of whatever you have learned. The beauty of words is whenever we utter words, and if you are producing words in front of 100 people, all 100 will learn something different.

So my question to you is, especially those people who have attended yesterday’s mindset session, what you have learned from yesterday, my yesterday’s mindset session, which was about when we say I’m confident, what do you mean by that?

Share your perspective in the comments. This is signing out until we’ll meet again


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