What is Public Speaking?

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This is the easiest way to understand what you mean by public speaking.

Imagine for a moment that you are a boss if you are congratulations. If not, just imagine for a moment that you’re a boss, and you have three colleagues in your team.

These three people are unique, they’re different, right?

Only thumbprint is not unique we all are different people, unique people.

Now, a different understanding of life, different degree of maturity, different type of relationship with you, everything has to be different has to be like that only at workplace.

Now you have a strategy as a boss, you have an idea. Now you want to share your idea with these three people, your team members, you call them one by one in your cabin. And you explain the idea. One by one, same idea.

Now, how many of you agree with this, that Praveen because these are three different people, different level of maturity, different backgrounds, every time I will slightly tweak the way I’m speaking to them.

Maybe the way I’m explaining my idea to A I will not explain exactly in the same way to B because A and B they are two different people, different level of understanding.

At the same time when I’m speaking one to one when I will ensure I will validate that they have really understood or not understood. So maybe after speaking to them one to one inside the cabin, I will check that have they understood not understood, or not.

Now imagine for a moment you don’t have an opportunity to meet them one to one, you have to explain the idea to all these three people they’re sitting in front of you standing and speaking.

Number one, how can you going to tweak the small changes which you did one to one, not possible. So, you have to have a common presentation for all three, you cannot change your presentation based upon their understanding or majority.

So the first thing which we learn in public speaking is how to organize our thoughts in such a way that even more than one person sitting in front of me, but I’m presenting my thought in such a way is easy for them to understand what I want to convey.

Number two, how can you validate whether they’re really understanding or not understanding?

We cannot do this, I understood, have you? What about you? Have you understood? You can’t do that right.

Techniques And Methods!

Now, in public speaking, we also learned, how to organize and deliver the content in such a way easy for the audience to understand. So, the requirement of validation is very little than the understanding of what you want to convey.

So when we learn public speaking, when we say that we are learning techniques and methods of public speaking, we learn this only, organization of the content, the techniques and methods for that, and delivery of the content, there are techniques and methods for that also, but everything is for the public so they can understand what you want to convey.

Now in case if those people say Praveen yes, this skill is important for you to grow in your life. I would love to meet you live. I’m doing a series of free live workshops on public speaking skills.

Just go to PraveenWadalkar.live

Let’s meet live. Let’s learn how to speak effectively in front of people. So we can grow.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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