What Is The Logic Of Speaking If People Cannot Understand?

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How To Improve Vocabulary?

Very good question. Very nice question, how to improve vocabulary? Simple, very common question.

Understand first, two things in this.

First, do not try to improve your vocabulary. Do not try to have that words in your bank, which people cannot understand. What is the logic of speaking if people cannot understand? What is the logic of becoming, with all due respect to Mr. Shashi Tharoor, imagine Mr. Shashi Tharoor is speaking in school and students are not understanding what he is speaking? So when I say vocabulary, there is a difference between when you improve your vocabulary for TOEFL, for exams or when you improve your vocabulary in reading. In public speaking, you have to have vocabulary, which is enough to communicate your thoughts.

How to develop that kind of vocabulary? Tell me it’s 11 to 12. 1, 2, 3, 4 hours, 24 minutes we have spent. Correct? 4 hours 24 minutes. Tell me one word which I’ve used which even my child, 14 years old child cannot understand.

So how to improve that vocabulary? This is a way of doing that. You already have many words, thank you to British people. You already have many words in your vocabulary, but you don’t use it. So what I do whenever I see a movie or a documentary film or a web series and there are certain phrases and words, if I like it, I know that if I like it, I write it down. I write it down. Sometimes, there are certain words which are difficult. So I write it down, but I know I’m not going to use it. This is only for my knowledge. But these are the simple words I already have.

So there is a scientific study on this that if you really want to improve vocabulary, so in this study, what they did, they give 10 to 12 words to one group of people and 10 to 12 same words to one group of people. This group, they said, convert this into a story. This group, they said, just remember it. Only 13% people remember them. Almost 92% people, if you watch the series call Brain Series on National Geographic, they have explained this study. So the chances of all the words which are writing it out, easy words, not difficult words, convert into a story. You will remember that. Remember that story for a few days, automatically those words will be a part of your vocabulary.

Language Fluency Is A Prerequisite For This?

No. It’s not about fluency in your language, it’s not about fluency in your English.

Do this exercise speak in English, sometimes when two strangers meet, they speak in English and then both are uncomfortable in speaking English, but no one is breaking the rules because the moment you break the rules, it means you don’t know English. So no one is speaking in Hindi or local language. Right? You might have experienced this. Even I have experienced this. But imagine you’re speaking and you’re expressing something in English and you’re struggling to express, shift to your local language, sometimes will find you are still struggling to express. You’re still struggling to express, is not about every time language in the fluency of language.

It’s about fluency of your thoughts in your mind. If your thoughts are clear in your mind, language is just the way you could deliver that talk, ladies and gentlemen. Thoughts has to be clear. Language we can easily improve. So it’s not language fluency, it’s thought fluency.


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