What Is The Purpose Of Life? Is This Question Irrelevant?

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Public Speaking | 7 comments

Sometimes there are certain questions we ask, we have a habit of asking these questions but these questions are highly irrelevant according to me.

For example, you are standing at one fruit shop and you take one mango in your hand. You smell it and you ask the shopkeeper, “Are these mangoes sweet?”

When was the last time that shopkeeper says something like this, “No, no, they are not sweet.” It doesn’t happen like that. Right? So what is the relevance of you asking that question? Whether the mangoes are sweet or not.

Or just imagine you are sitting in the restaurant and then you order one chicken dish and even before that waiter is moving away from your desk to honor your request you stop the waiter and ask this question, is the chicken fresh?

When was the last time any waiter on this planet said it’s something like this, “No, the chicken is not fresh in this restaurant?”

There is one question like this many people I have observed for a time and I was very serious about asking this question to myself, which is this,

what is the purpose of life?

And then I’m realizing this, it’s a highly irrelevant question by the way. It is as good as asking is mango sweet or is chicken fresh or not.

There are 3 reasons according to me this question is highly irrelevant. And we should not be investing our valuable time in asking this question to ourselves. Or you are expecting from our loved ones that they should know the answer to this question.

The first reason why it is irrelevant.

It’s because when you say what is the purpose of life, it means life is the object and you’re asking what is the purpose of this life? So we have to know who is the maker first.

Who is the maker of life?

For example, if we take a tea cup in your hand, we know that human beings are the maker and we know that teacup is for tea. The purpose of tea cup is to serve tea. So we know we can ask the maker the purpose of the tea cup, tea cup doesn’t know what is the purpose, the makers know. So the first thing we have to know that we have to be on the same page that who is the maker of this life.

Who Is The Maker of Life?

Now, there are several ways of answering that question, scientific and spiritual we will not go there.

But the only one reason why sometimes I become a little uncomfortable when I listened from people that God is the maker of this life. I respect their perspective but my perspective is this that anything which is different throughout the world.

What do you mean by that?

Anything which is different from country to country, region to region, city to city is made by human being. Anything which is natural given by Mother Nature. Then it is the same.

For example, trees, mountains, rivers, same throughout the world.

But God is not the same throughout the world. I wish but no. It is like in India it’s different, in the US it’s different, in the UK it’s different, in the West Indies it’s different, in Dubai it’s different.

Anything which is different from places to places somewhere I believe it’s made by human beings only.

So I have my own different perspective whether really we are made by God. If yes, then we have to be on the same page here.

Scientifically, yes we are on the same page here or scientifically that we have made up by a small single cell, but there’s a huge debate.

I still don’t know who is the maker of this life.

So in the light of this that you don’t even know who is the maker of this life is very difficult to answer this question. What is the purpose of life and we don’t know the makers only.

We Are Wasting Time In Questions

Number two reason why I feel is very irrelevant to ask that question that what is the purpose of life, is this,

Who will validate?

I imagine I coming to you and saying hey, you know what, I got the purpose of my life. Who will validate it? It’s not two plus two is equal to four, which we have decided.

So even if you have got the purpose of your life, unless and until you can validate it. Now you say that I will validate, it’s my life, I will validate it. It’s okay, but how do you know it’s correct?

Then why so many times we get the purpose of life and it keeps changing. It is like my purpose of my life few years ago was different now, it’s different after few days. It’s different.


So many times, even you have observed that. When you meet few people the purpose of life many years ago dumped, completely different now, completely different.

So even if you find the answer of this million-dollar question, which is as good as asking mangoes are sweet and chicken is fresh is who will validate that?

Not possible to validate.

And the third reason because of which I strongly believe it is unnecessarily we are investing time in this question.

In case if you found the correct answer. Correct answer you have validate it. And you have now, this is according to the correct answer. This is the purpose of my life. Then what if you achieve the purpose of your life then work is done. We should leave the planet or what. Life, you have this life. You have the purpose, purpose achieved.

Then why we are consuming the energy or resources available on this planet if the purpose of you coming on the planet achieved. Leave the planet that is the last thing can happen or should happen with someone that I got the purpose of my life purpose achieves. Let me leave.

It doesn’t happen like that. Right?

So even if you get the purpose of your life, then it’s very dangerous because if you achieve then it’s not good for you ideally should leave.

So these are three key reasons according to me.

We should not be investing in our valuable time in finding the purpose of life. Rather. Just live life.

What do you mean by that?

Enjoy life.

Enjoy doesn’t mean that you have to go to goer every time, not necessary.

Enjoy means is live in the moment and give best in this moment.

Develop the skills, which will help you to give the best in this moment.

Apply those skills, which we have learned to get the maximum output from this moment.

What I have right now in my hand at this moment is this video nothing else.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


  1. Sinthiya Adrin Felsiya

    true sir, the purpose for our life is learning new skills developing the skills learnt with intergrity. dont waste time in finding the purpose which is uncertain..you are simply great sir your are opening many eyes every moment.

  2. Sudhir

    Perfect prespective….

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  3. Shashi Chandrasekhar Panwar

    I agreed with you Praveen Sir, well said. Each one has different purpose but best way to enjoy life fullest. Keep learning and enhance skill. Aged with dignity and accumulate all type of experiences to share next gen, if they wish to learn.:)

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂

  4. Seentu seikh

    You are just awesome sir..I am a big fan of you, following you since last 1.5 years..many things learned from you and still learning..keep spreading positivity

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thank you for reading and sharing your feedback 🙂


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