What Should You Do About Copycat Competitors?

by | May 15, 2021 | Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

What is the difference between copying something and getting inspired?

Let me share these two examples with you, it will help you to understand or put this perspective in the correct context. And then I would love to have your perspective.

One example- my team came to me that day and a person said there is someone who is copying all your artwork images of quotes. I said what do you mean by that. So I have two types of quotes, first when I like something when I like few quotes, I love to share those, at the same time, there are certain beliefs I have so I love to share that also.

Who Are Copycats?

So, he said, Praveen he’s typing both the types of quotes and the artwork. He’s just changing your name with his name. So, I don’t know whether you have seen that one quote where I have become a magician and I’m saying that, “there’s no magic in life, it’s all about hard work”. And he changed only one thing, my face and replaced his face with my face.

Now my team said Praveen it’s copying; you should not allow him doing all this. I said hold on, let him do it, it’s not good for me nor for him.

Who Is Copycat Competitor?

Another example, before I share my perspective on this, there is one trainer. She’s copying everything. Now what do you mean by copying everything. The entire business strategy. You know I do workshops, on various things. So, she’s copying the style of emails, the style of landing pages. Even the call to action, the date, each and everything, even the font, copying each and everything.

And my team came to me and they said, Praveen she’s copying.

I said let her do, it’s not good for her. For me it doesn’t matter it’s not good for her. Now why I said not good for her even though from a marketing point of view I said okay, if she’s copying, just ask, one simple request even though she has not taken permission from us, whether she can copy us or not but just one simple request, just ask her, that Mr. Praveen is saying that, can we use her example whenever I’m doing meeting, live workshops, to show them that our strategies are so good that people are copying, can we give her example in front of thousands of people.

When You Get Inspired?

But ladies and gentlemen, what is my perspective of copying and getting inspired, understand this. Very simple to understand. Copying means cheating, what do you mean by that, not cheating with that person, cheating with yourself. You know the only way to grow in your life is to work hard, even to learn how to work smart, you have to work hard.

Disadvantages of Copying Someone

So, when you copy something, just replace all the hard work done by someone else, and you just replace your name or photo, indirectly you’re training your mind not to work hard which is not good for you. It’s not good for you.

So, when you copy, if you want to differentiate whether you’re really copying something or getting inspired, if you’re not working hard, if that action is cutting down your work and you know that okay, I would have worked really hard, if I have not got this reference or this thing, then that’s a copy which is not good for you.

It will create a habit of not working hard in life and when you create that habit, is something which according to me last 20 years of my career, I have seen if you can’t work hard, if you don’t work hard you cannot grow.

When You Get Inspired…

The only way to find out whether you are really inspired when you start working hard. If he can do, even, I can do. If she can do, even, I can do.

That is called inspiration and that is forcing you to work hard in your life harder and harder. So when you get inspired you work hard, when you copy you don’t work hard.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the difference between getting inspired and copying something.

What’s Your Perspective on This?

Share your perspective. This is Praveen signing out until we meet again. 


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