What To Do When You Don’t Know The Answer?

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Public Speaking | 18 comments

If I asked you a question and if you don’t know the answer, will you still try to answer? Or will you say I don’t know? 

What Do You Do?

Now, I have so many friends in my life. If I ask them anything, they will try to answer. But if they don’t know the answer, they don’t know the answer. They will still try to answer. I was one of them, especially with my child. I remember so many years if my son used to ask me any question, I would try and answer. Of course, why not? I’m his dad. I have to answer all of his questions. 

But then something happened that day and that incident changed my perspective and I learned something from that incident. And as a storyteller, whenever I learn something, it becomes my responsibility to share with you.

Arnav Didn’t Trust Me

I was with my son. He’s 11 years old that day in a small grocery shop. And I was busy shopping and he showed it from behind, “dad I want to buy this cold drink.” 

I looked behind him and said, “No, son, this is not good for you.” He said, “No, dad, I want to buy it.” “Remember this is not good for you,” I said, and then he did something which really made me very angry. He went to the shopkeeper and asked him, “Uncle is this good for me? Can I drink this?” I know shop owners will say not say No to this question. 

I got really angry. I raised my hand; slipped it in my back pocket, took the wallet, and bought that bottle. 

Why The Lack of Trust?

Later I was thinking about this incident and why my son didn’t trust me. I told him very clearly that this is not good for you. Why didn’t he trust me on this? And then I got the answer to this question. When I revisited my beautiful journey with him for almost six to seven years, when he started asking questions to me, I realized I was answering all his questions. 

Dad, how many players in football? I am a cricket lover. I don’t know anything about football. My response: “I think 12 players”. 

We Were Building Distrust

Okay. Dad, why can’t we swim like fish? Come on now, we can’t swim like fish because we are not fish. We are humans. 

Dad, why do we yawn? I don’t know. Come on. When we are born, we are young. 

Whether I know the answer. I don’t know the answer. I’m his dad. I have to answer everything. But when he’s going back to his own world, he’s learning from his swimming teacher that we cannot swim and breathe like fish because our lungs do not have enough surface area to absorb enough oxygen from water.

Arnav Double Checked

He’s learning from his friends that there are 11 players on a football team. 

He’s learning from his science teacher that we yawn because whenever we are tired, we don’t dig deep breathing and we need more oxygen. So we yawn to take more oxygen inside our body. 

And then whenever he’s listening to these correct answers, he must feel, so dad was wrong. 

I Was So Wrong

So sometimes dad is wrong. Sometimes dad is right, but when is dad wrong and when is dad right? And when you get in this kind of situation, you lose trust. 

When I said, I don’t know this bottle is not good for you. This drink is not good for you. So he might be thinking, is dad right or wrong this time. Then I realized I have to do something. And I have made a decision since that day. I decided one thing that whenever I don’t know the answer, I will say, I’m proud to say, I don’t know.

Its OK To Not Know

I will check and I will come back to you. And I’ve been doing this for the last, almost six to seven months now. And today, whenever my son asks me anything and if I answer, he trusts me, because he knows Papa answers only when he knows the answers. Otherwise, he says, I’m proud to say, I don’t know. 

If today, I go to that same grocery shop and my son asks for that bottle, and if I say, I don’t know, it’s not good for you, he will listen to me because I have gained that trust now. He knows if Papa is saying, it means Papa is correct otherwise he will not say. 

What you do in your life and you don’t know the answer. You answer, or you say, I’m proud to say, I don’t know. 

What are your views on this story? Please share your feedback. 

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  1. Sahil

    I used to answer

  2. Sandhya Tadla

    very apt. Good one

  3. Vijay

    Very engaging Praveen. Well written. Thank you.

  4. vinod Kumar

    Yeah…it is amazing instance you shared.
    though, I apply this pratice my day to life whenere my son ask anything.

    but, you have explained the subtance so beautifully, that perhaps I couldn`t think at that level.
    Vey good.

  5. Sujitha

    Yes Praveen I can resonate with this story. Even my son doesn’t trust me, now I understood the reason behind it. Not just my son this has happened with few of my friends too. Thanks for the deep thoughts.

  6. Shalini

    Awesome story and very true. We have got to accept that we don’t know all the answers and it’s ok.

  7. Syeda Rana Nikhat

    This story makes clear that how important it is to build trust with children and make ourselves reliable. And if we are not sure about the answer we can find and furnish them the correct one

  8. Ramachandran E

    This is very powerful and creates the confidence in children on us. I learned this during one student Management Skill training conducted NIIT in1999. This topic here helped me to recollect thise days too… thank you!

  9. Tarun M

    This is so amazing and critical an experience in life which we don’t realize, and it happens to all of us with our loved and closed ones.

    Thank you Mr. Praveen sir for sharing this.

    This is an experience some people try to hide and i was one among that until i realized the value of sharing this to build ‘Trust’.

    Most often i used to feel that answering a question to its maximum is doing justice to the question asked. That was how i answered the questions in tests and exams. So, i implemented it in real life too.

    But then i realized exactly what sir shared, with my close friends. Whenever we put a ‘maybe’ , ‘probably’ or ‘i guess’ , the trust is half lost. The other half is lost when they check or verify to find the answer wrong. And when did i realize this, when i was on the receiving end. That made me question myself, exactly like what sir said. Thus, i concluded, answering in life is more-or-less not the same as answering an exam or test.

    That was a beautiful start for me. There is no harm in knowing less, but make sure what you know is so strong that you can bet your whole wealth on it. Indeed it proves that if you are asked a question and you give an answer it is THE correct answer.

  10. Sheetal

    I realized that i simply take my child for granted as machine. I need to gain his trust. This psychological insight seems very helpful. I will surely practice it with my child.


    It’s great lesson of life to gain the trust of anyone in the psersonal life as well as professional life.

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and appreciating 🙂

    • Sophie Carlo

      Awesome ! True story of Trust….loved it. Keep sharing…

  12. Roshni Bhengra

    Very nice explaination sir,i am your big big fan.I am following you since i started your public speaking course .You have totally changed my perceptions,views and opinion towards life.Thanks alot

  13. Praveen Wadalkar

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  14. વર્ષિલ કાછડિયા VARSHILkachhadiya

    agree with your opinion and it is ideal.

  15. Sashikala Charles

    There is subtle pressure in our adult lives that we should know the answers to all questions posed to us. In our desire to seem knowledgeable or give an answer we tend to guess our answers to the questions asked. It is important that we answer correctly or research facts before answering. Our credibility lies in our honesty!


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